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The Comenius University Green Guide

The Comenius University Green Guide provides a comprehensive overview of useful tips, tricks, resources, and services for making students’ time in Bratislava more sustainable, eco-friendly, and pleasant. Along with the European Green Deal and the EU’s ambitious goals toward a sustainable society, universities are a key driver for the promotion of ideas and specific actions towards environmental goals. Alongside the ENLIGHT University Alliance, the Green Guide is a first step towards environmental awareness for students, teaching staff, and the wider public in Bratislava.

ENLIGHT Green Guide

ENLIGHT at Comenius University Information Day

 The Information Day at Comenius University included a mobility stand where future students could find out where they can travel thanks to European Union projects.

If you did not manage to visit our stand and you have questions about international mobility, please contact us at or

ENLIGHT digital Course Catalogue – the easiest way to choose a course

The ENLIGHT network has launched a digital Course Catalogue, which allows ENLIGHT students to search for all the courses available for application in the ENLIGHT European University.

The catalogue covering all ENLIGHT universities makes it easier for students to find courses to study abroad and boost their studies according to their interests and field of study. All the information can be found in one place, and browsing is possible by key words, host university, instruction language, format, level, semester, or ECTS.

The catalogue is a major step towards creating a digital campus that interconnects all nine universities.

Find out how the ENLIGHT digital Course Catalogue works. Oskar, a student of mathematics from Tartu, introduces it in this video.

ENLIGHT Student Network launches Sustainable Best Practice guide

With the guide the 'SN' aims to raise awareness about the responsibility of universities to address the world's most pressing challenges (SDGs), and to share and gain inspiration for our path to go greener. To this end, the SN highlights three best practices at each ENLIGHT university to learn from each other and to provide an inspirational framework to learn, listen and help each other in achieving more.

Read the full Sustainable Best Practise guide here.  

Designing Research on Different Dimensions of Equity course at Comenius University

From 12 September 2022 to 16 September 2022, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences hosted the ENLIGHT interdisciplinary course Designing Research on Different Dimensions of Equity. Students from partner universities from Göttingen, Ghent and the University of the Basque Country met with teachers from Groningen, Bratislava, Göttingen, Ghent and the University of the Basque Country to reflect together on the topics of equality, diversity, equal opportunities in different areas of life, from the university environment to access to healthcare. This week was the opening week of the BIP (a Blended Intensive Programme course format that combines short-term mobility and collaboration in virtual space). Until the end of the semester, students will work in small groups online to develop research in their chosen field. They will be accompanied by teachers as mentors who will support them, but the main work will be done by the student team.

The course also included lectures from partners from the Regional AcademyNina Spišiak from the Bratislava City Hall introduced the topic Integration at local level: challenges and opportunities for the Bratislava city; Marta Králiková from the non-profit Mareena told the students about the integration of refugees into society and  Andrea Böhmová from the Migration Office introduced the students to the process that refugees have to go through to get to Slovakia.

And what did the students enjoy most about the introductory course? Emma from Ghent University: "I really liked that we started with activities where we got to know each other. We were one mixed group - teachers and students, with no hierarchical structures."

Students from Comenius University became part of the ENLIVE project


Comenius University students took part in the international project ENLIVE as an educational project within the ENLIGHT initiative. This virtual exchange was simultaneously run by the Comenius University in Bratislava and the University of Göttingen in Germany. Students of both universities worked on media campaigns focused on the current most pressing issues of their generation. Students engaged in topics: climate change and activism, sustainability and circular economy, disability and society, diversity and healthy body image in social media, gender and education. 

You can find student´s campaigns on the Instagram:

Students were supervised by Ms Ashley Chandler from the Göttingen University; Aneta Barnes, MA and Lenka Jeleňová, MSc from the Comenius University.

Inclusive Mobility

Students from underrepresented groups also travel around Europe. Martin and Martin took the opportunity to go on mobility abroad and gained a lot of new experiences and skills. Students from underrepresented groups at Comenius University have the opportunity to participate in various types of mobilities, such as ENLIHGT mobility, Erasmus+ mobility (study, internship).

Do not hesitate to take part in one of the ENLIGHT mobilities. You will be encouraged to go by the experiences of the students from the partner universities who have shared their experiences here.