Regional Academy of Comenius University in Bratislava

Regional Academy at Comenius University

The Regional Academy is a flexible platform for professional dialogue between academic and the external environment. It is built on an innovative partnership model with the local community, businesses and other partners. Cooperation with regional partners will take the form of regular meetings, organisation of joint activities such as panel discussions, webinars, smaller meetings focused on a specific area, practice-oriented lectures, expert consultations, etc. The Regional Academy will be open to all students, academic and administrative staff of the CU. It will also provide opportunities for all external partners who are interested in cooperating with our University. So far, more than 30 organizations have been invited to participate and the first memorandum of cooperation will be signed soon. Within ENLIGHT, Comenius University has two official associate partners: the Bratislava Municipality and ESET.

Russian aggression against Ukraine

Mr. Grigory Mesezhnikov lectures in front of a full auditorium.

On 12th of December 2022, CU students had the opportunity to discuss the current invasion in Ukraine with the President of the Institute for Public Affairs, Mr. Grigorij Mesežnikov.

Grigorij Mesežnikov was born in the former Soviet Union, in the city of Oriol. He studied philosophy and social and political sciences in Moscow. He is one of the founders of the Institute for Public Affairs and currently its president. He is an outspoken advocate of support for Ukraine. He has provided UK students with a comprehensive view of the war in Ukraine. The lecture was followed by a discussion during which students had the opportunity to ask questions on various topics related to the occupation.

The lecture was conducted in English, which gave CU students the opportunity to ask questions in English and at the same time  the lecture was accessible to international students at CU.

Women's rights during giving a childbirth - lecture by the Regional Academy

On 9 November 2022, students of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin attended a lecture by the Regional Academy on the topic of Women's rights during  giving a childbirth. The burning, yet very actual topic of infringement of women's rights during the provision of health care during childbirth was presented by Mrs. Martina Thominet and Mrs. Nora Konrády Belíová from the Office of the Public Defender of Rights. The students learned more about the infringement of women's rights as well as the steps taken by the Office of the Public Defender of Rights and the Ministry of Health to improve this situation. The lecture was followed by a discussion that confirmed the importance and relevance of this issue.

AGROFILM - Lecture by the Regional Academy

Permaculture designer Mgr. Marianna Piršelová gave a lecture on how permaculture influences our everyday life. Listeners learned more about the impact of designing their own garden or farm on the surroundings, discovered that ethical attitudes and principles of permaculture help in adapting to the upcoming climate and social changes. After the lecture, Mrs Piršelová discussed with the students the role of permaculture in landscape regeneration and the idea of how good design affects not only the life of the individual, but also the life of the whole community.

ENLIGHT European Dialogue in Uppsala

Ing. Petra Dzurovčinová from the Bratislava Munticipality presented the project "Building a Living Lab to tackle future challenges" at the ENLIGHT European Dialogue in Uppsala, Sweden, 11 May 2022. Mgr. Jakub Daubner, PhD. and Mgr. Paulina Böhmerová from ESET presented their challenge "Digital skills and security: a gamely approach to a serious matter?" at the AIMDay interactive discussions, which also took place during the European Dialogue event.

Keep talking about births

On 12 May 2022, employees of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights gave a lecture at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava, where they presented the results of research on violations of women's rights in the provision of health care during childbirth. The presented research was part of the challenges that Comenius University together with ENLIGHT partners are trying to solve through the involvement of academia and regional actors. The lecture was carried out at the invitation of the Vice-Dean Mariana Szapuová within the Gender Studies course. The most relevant research findings in relation to the violation of the right to privacy, the right to informed consent, the protection of human dignity, respect for bodily integrity and psychological integrity, as well as respect for the right to enjoy the fruits of scientific progress and its applications were presented.

The Office of the Public Defender of Rights is a partner organization of Comenius University in the project and was approached and included in the project during the tenure of former Public Defender of Rights Maria Patakyova.