About the Psychological Counselling Service

The Psychological Counselling Service was established at Comenius University by Assoc. Professor PhDr. Jozef Koščo, CSc, and his colleagues in 1968. Ever since, the Service has been available at no charge to all University students and staff who need no referral from the GP to use its services.

The staff who provide psychological counselling are open to queer/LGBTI+ people - including transgender people.

The Service is available to individual clients as well as couples and groups. Its staff also offer specific training and courses on an irregular basis.

Counselling process

Psychological counselling involves a series of meetings of the counsellor with a client to explore the client's difficulties and seek ways of making the client feel better. The client's cooperation is indispensable to the successful outcome of the counselling. The relationship arising between the client and the psychologist involves a high degree of trust and is entirely confidential: anything said during the sessions remains between the counsellor and the client. Individual sessions last about 50 minutes and couples sessions about 80 minutes. The number of sessions is tailored to the needs of every client.

Most frequently addressed issues

The issues of our clients are frequently combinations of some of the following:

  • Family relations: discordant relationships, parental absence, alcoholism, lack of support, conflicts between siblings, falling-out with step-parents, critical periods of life - illness and death...
  • Partnership: conflicts, crises, breakups, absence of partner, sexual issues, infidelity, jealousy...
  • Social relations: absence of friendships, loneliness, abandonment, communication issues, conflicts with roommates...
  • Relationship with oneself: feeling of inferiority, self-underestimation, dissatisfaction with oneself, better self-knowledge, search for a positive relationship with oneself and one's own value, important decisions...
  • Study issues: consequences of choosing the wrong area of study, inability to master study techniques, fear of failure, exam anxiety, performance anxiety, demotivation, exhaustion...
  • Trauma: rape, abuse, bullying, loss of a loved person, serious injuries...
  • Issues related to the process of gaining independence, of individuation, direction in life.
  • Psychosomatic problems.
  • Psychological support for clients with specific needs.
  • Psychological support of psychiatric treatment: depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, social phobia, panic disorders, addictions, personality disorders...


Book individual psychological counselling via the contact form.

Our staff will contact you as soon as there is availability and you can book the first session via the reservation system, stating your preference for an in-person, or an online session.

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Where to find us

CU Mlyny Dormitories
Staré grunty 36
Atrium house R
842 25 Bratislava

The counselling service is located in the "atrium houses" in Mlynská dolina (on the hill above the bus stop) in Unit R. After entering the atrium houses compound, pass the turnstiles and go to the right and up towards the Venza canteen. Unit R is the first atrium house on the left. The counselling service is located on the ground floor opposite the entrance. Don’t hesitate to knock, we’ll be waiting for you at the agreed time. Call us if you can’t find us.


If we are unable to schedule your appointment soon enough, please do not hesitate to use the crisis intervention network. These helplines are available:

CU also has a legal advisor:

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