Students internships

A traineeship is a period spent by the student in a company or other organisation in an Erasmus+ eligible country. The aim of an traineeship is to help individuals adapt to the requirements of the labour market, acquire professional/practical skills and better understand the economic and social conditions of the host country, in synergy with the acquisition of work experience and language skills. The traineeship is open to both full-time and part-time students. Student must be formally enrolled at the home university for the period during which he/she is undertaking the traineeship abroad (except for graduates).

How to apply for a traineeship:

Identify and approach a potential foreign host organisation where the student can do a traineeship.  It is up to the student to choose the traineeship institution, but it is in the student’s own interest to verify the seriousness of the traineeship

  • In general, the valid duration of a traineeship is a minimum of 2 months, a maximum of 12 months at each level of education (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral), 24 months for a joint degree
  • Useful platform for choosing a traineeship is ERASMUSINTERN
  • Meet the conditions set by your own faculty; be successful in the faculty selection procedure

Mobility conditions

  • The student can do a traineeship as early as in the first year of full-time Bachelor study
  • The student can undertake a mobility traineeship at any level of education (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months per level of study
  • Interruption of study due to a traineeship or during a traineeship is not possible
  • The traineeship must start and end within the same academic year
  • The content and scope of the traineeship abroad must be agreed before the student starts the mobility
  • The home university is obliged to fully recognise the foreign professional traineeship as part of the study programme and record it in the Diploma or Diploma Supplement (if the traineeship is not part of the study programme).

Eligible Host Organisations:

  • Enterprises
  • Vocational training centres
  • Research centres
  • Higher education institution
  • National representations, embassies etc.

Unauthorised host organisations:

  • European institutions hosting students on paid traineeships
  • Organisations managing European programmes, e.g. National Agencies

How to apply for a mobility traineeship?

You can apply for mobility traineeship throughout the year by filling out an electronic application form (UK authentication system - same data as AiS).

After submitting the application form in the online mobility system, students are included in the selection procedure that takes place at the individual faculties. The selection criteria for the mobility traineeship are as follows: 

  1. Motivation letter (to be entered directly into the Mobility online system at the time of application)
  2. Study average (to be entered directly into the Mobility online system at the time of application)

*The minimum number of points for a successful selection is 10. 

After a successful selection procedure, the student is asked to upload the necessary documents via the Mobility online system.

Short-term mobility for PhD students

You can apply for mobility traineeship throughout the year by filling out an electronic application form (UK authentication system - same data as AiS).

Successful completion of the selection procedure is a prerequisite for the implementation of short-term mobility for doctoral students. A criterion for a successful selection procedure is to write a motivation letter directly in the Mobility online system. After submitting the application, the faculty coordinator will then evaluate the motivation letter, while a minimum score for a successful selection procedure is 5 points (50%).

Basic rates of individual support for short-term mobility of PhD students:

1 - 14 day15 - 30 day
All programme countries79 EUR56 EUR

Travel distances are only valid from the academic year 2024/2025!


Travel distanceGreen travelOther than green travel

10 - 99 km

56 €28 €
100 - 499 km285 €211 €
500 - 1 999 km417 €309 €
2 000 - 2 999km535 €395 €
3 000 - 3 999 km785 €580 €
4 000 - 7 999 km1 188 €1 188€
8 000 km alebo viac1 735 €1 735 €
  • Mobility participants with a lack of opportunities are entitled to a one-off contribution above the basic rate of EUR 100 for physical mobility of 5–14 days and EUR 150 for physical mobility of 15–30 days

Documents before mobility:

  1. Learning agreement for traineeship (the document is downloadable in Mobility online) – once downloaded, the document will be checked, filled in and then signed by all parties and uploaded into the system (we also accept electronic signatures).
  2. Confirmation of attendance
  3. Copy of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  4. Copy of commercial insurance (for example Erapo insurance)(must include all necessary insurance for the entire duration of the mobility):
  • Medical expenses insurance
  • Liability insurance (covers damages caused by participants)
  • Accident, death and disability insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Confirmation of enrolment for the academic year of mobility

The entire process of processing your mobility, as well as uploading your documents, takes place in the Mobility online system.