Internal System of Quality Assurance

Internal System of Quality Assurance

CUs Internal system of QA in higher education is part of CUs Internal system of QA operations, that is sum of all CUs internal directives. CUs Internal system of QA in higher education is fittingly complemented by the overall Internal system of QA operations. CUs Internal system regulates the way of fulfilling the university's mission in the field of higher education through:  

a) strategies for ensuring the quality of higher education and the quality of research activities, development activities, artistic activities or other creative activities of the higher education institution,  

b) processes of ensuring the quality of higher education and the quality of creative activity,  

c) connections between creative activity and university education in the relevant field of study. 

CUs Internal system of QA of higher education consists primarily of the CUs QA Board, the CUs Scientific Board and the CUs Accreditation Board. Organizational and administrative work connected with the activities of the mentioned organizational units are ensured by the relevant vice-rector through the section managed by him. The CUs QA Board belongs under the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Quality Assurance and Development, therefore the organizational and administrative work is executed by the Quality Department. The main task of the UKs QA Board is to implement, maintain, control, evaluate and improve the internal AQ system of education, science, research at the CU, including all its components, as well as to develop the importance of quality and its assurance in the activities at the CU, its faculties and components. The management of  CUs Scientific Board is under the competence of the Vice-Rector for Science and Doctoral Studies and is organized by the Department of Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies. The main task of the CUs Scientific Board is to supervise, control and evaluate the process of habilitation and inaugurations. The CUs  Accreditation Board is organizationally supported by the Vice-Rector for Education and Social Affairs and the Department of Education. The CUs Accreditation Board is responsible for the accreditation of study programs.

Individual faculties can issue the Internal system of QA at the faculty level - either as a single document or as a set of documents, or the faculty can choose to edit only faculty or branch specifics. The CUs Internal system of QA at the faculty must be in accordance with the Internal system of QA. Quality assurance structures at the Comenius University Bratislava are formed on two levels – at the university and faculty level. Structures for CUs QA of higher education  - at the university level - are mainly the CUs QA Board, the CUs Accreditation Board and the CUs Scientific Board. At the university level, they are complemented mainly by the CUs Academic Senate, the CUs Board of Directors and the CUs Ethical Board. The CUs Disciplinary commission for students is replaced by individual faculties Disciplinary commissions, since the CUs Rectorate does not have its own students. 

Ensuring and assesing quality of the system of all CUs activities is based on the procedures, reflects the current state of the university and reflects the strategic goals that are defined in the Long-term Development Plan of the Comenius University in Bratislava for the years 2021-2027 and its concretization and other strategic documents of the University of Bratislava.  

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