Vice-rector for Quality Assurance and Development

prof. MUDr. Viera Štvrtinová, PhD., FESVM
Šafárikovo námestie 6
814 99  Bratislava 1
Phone: +421 2 9010 9182
Mobile: +421 905 774 920

She was born on 17 February 1958. In 1983 she graduated in general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University Bratislava (FoM) with distinction and received an Award of the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic. After university studies she worked at the Clinic of Internal Medicine II. of the FoM and since 2016 she has been working at FoM's Clinic of Internal Medicine I. In 1990 she obtained the title of Candidate of Science (PhD), completed habilitation in 1996 and was appointed professor of internal diseases of CU after an inauguration procedure. She specialises in internal medicine, cardiology, angiology and medical management and funding. She has authored several textbooks and numerous highly-cited research papers. She is a recognized expert in angiology, spent 15 years as president of the Slovak Society of Angiology and is a member of a Committee of the International Union of Angiology and co-editor of the International Angiology journal. In 2011-2015 she was the Vice Dean of FoM for science and research, postgraduate study, research grants and students’ scientific activity and in 2015-2019 she was the Vice Dean of FoM for educational activity. She is Vice-Rector of CU since February 2019.