About the Project


The main subject of the research project is comprehensive examination of basic paradigmatic changes in the perception of universe and man from the interdisciplinary viewpoint of philosophical, theological and physical perspectives. The objective is the current need to integrate pieces of knowledge and create a holistic and consistent picture of the evolution of universe and of the responsible role of human within it.

The recency is multiplied not only by multi-layered nature of human existence but, in particular, by its new emerging dimensions with their currently unexplored options as well as potential risks. We refer especially to the impact of modern technologies and biotechnologies on human existence and its radical transformation on physical, mental (emotional), cognitive, spiritual, and moral level.

Simultaneously, there are changes on the individual, social, and global scene that are taking place not only in the traditional (ontological) world but also in the world of virtual (digital and online) being. Some aspects have already been investigated by several internationally renowned authors, nevertheless, these issues are still investigated rather in terms of particular disciplines (biological sciences, biotechnology, cognitive and evolutionary psychology, neurosciences, sociology, mass media communication, linguistics, etc.) than on the base of their interdisciplinary cross connections.

In addition, there is a real lack of interdisciplinary overlaps of philosophical, theological and physical aspects in the investigation of the issue that is also typical for Slovak sciences and arts.  Thus, there is a demand to analyze and synthesize relevant knowledge in the fields of philosophical anthropology, theology (or religion), and physical sciences (astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology) as well as to compare their traditional knowledge with the latest results of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.


The main goal of the project, which is to provide the most comprehensive account of paradigmatic changes in the concept of man and the universe in a context of interdisciplinary overlappings (philosophical, theological, and physical perspectives), will be achieved in multiple ways.

Firstly, it is the identification and examination of the paradigmatic changes (in the historical as well as contemporary contexts) that are implemented in the basic conceptual "from... to..." structure 1) from Cosmogony to Cosmology; 2) from Point to Spacetime; 3) from Biological to Cultural; 4) from Human to Transhuman; 5) from Offline Being to Online Being; 6) from God the Creator to "Playing God".

Secondly, it is the integration of knowledge and the elaboration of a consistent holistic image of the evolution of universe and the dynamic place of man in it, which has not yet been attempted in our domestic conditions to this extent.