Doctors have Started the 3D Printing of Face Shields

Bratislava 1 April 2020: Doctors and medical personnel will be able to use face shields printed on a 3D printer when fighting the new coronavirus. The Department of Simulation and Virtual Medical Education at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University is responding to the critical shortage of protective equipment by providing all of its 3D printers for the production of protective face shields.

01. 04. 2020 20.05 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

As the new coronavirus is transmitted by droplets, face shields with impermeable material offer the best protection for doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical staff. This inspired medical student Tomáš Bernát to initiate the printing of protective face shields.

It was in this way that the Faculty of Medicine became involved in the “Help the Hospital” initiative, which aims to bring 3D printer users together for the production of protective face shields and their distribution to healthcare organizations. “The shield has a simple design. It consists of three parts: a holder printed on a 3D printer, a protective plastic face, and a rubber component for attachment around the head. They can be printed in large quantities,” says Pavol Vitovič, who is head of the Department of Simulation and Virtual Medical Education.

Two shields can be printed at once on one printer, and printing takes about 2.5 hours. With three printers working non-stop, approximately 50 shields can be made per day. The material for printing and manufacturing the shields is provided by the organizers of the “Help the Hospital” public initiative. The shields are then finished by students of the Faculty of Medicine.

Several departments at the University Hospital in Bratislava have shown interest in the face shields. There has been interest in more than 500 face shields and the first ones are already being used.

“The Department of Simulation and Virtual Medical Education and the Bratislava Medical Students' Association are also trying to involve other 3D printer owners who could help with protective face shield printing,” says Vitovič. The department is also offering its assistance in the design and printing of other medical devices.