Graduation Ceremonies: the Rector Presents a Plan

Bratislava, 14 May, 2021: This year's graduates of Comenius University Bratislava will be able to attend graduation ceremonies. The decision was made yesterday by the Rector of Comenius University, Marek Števček. Last week, the university communicated its proposed measures regarding tuition, the exam period and summer graduation ceremonies to the Regional Public Health Authority in Bratislava. The regional public health officer approved the proposal for the faculties located in Bratislava. Faculty deans will have the final word on whether their faculty holds the graduation ceremony or not.

14. 05. 2021 22.15 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The graduation ceremonies at Comenius University are traditionally held in the historic CU Auditorium on Šafárik Square. This year, priority will be given to graduation ceremonies of new Masters a Doctors. The regional public health officer recommends to reconsider the organisation of Bachelor graduation ceremonies.

The conditions for organising graduation ceremonies are:

  • 50% of auditorium capacity must not be exceeded and at the same time no more than 150 people may congregate indoors and 200 outdoors. This means that each graduate will be allowed to invite up to two guests.
  • Only those, who can provide a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 24 hours (Antigen tests) or 72 hours (PCR tests), or those who are vaccinated, will be permitted to attend the ceremonies.
  • Attendance at the graduation ceremony is voluntary; students who do not want to attend the ceremony can obtain their diplomas from the Education Department of the Rectorate. The Department will publish more information on its website.
  • The university will stream the ceremonies online so family members or friends are able to follow them without taking part personally.

The Rector allowed the deans to decide whether their faculties hold the graduation ceremonies or not. It is possible that some faculties may decide to forgo the ceremony this

year or hold it later. If a faculty decides to hold a graduation ceremony, students who graduated last year can also apply and attend the ceremony this year.

The Regional Public Health Office in Bratislava also approved the conditions of on-site teaching in selected study programmes where personal attendance of students is needed to complete the study successfully (practical exercises, lab work etc.). The conditions for final and state exams as well as accommodation of students who need it for study reasons have also been approved.

These measures may change depending on the epidemic situation and the indication of the ‘COVID Automat’.