Studies in Winter Semester of 2021/2022

The Crisis Staff of Comenius University Bratislava met on Monday 23 August 2021. Its meeting was also attended by faculty deans, the president of the Slovak Rectors’ Conference Rudolf Kropil and Mikuláš Bittera who represented the Slovak Technical University. The main point on the agenda was the organisation of studies at Comenius University in the approaching winter semester.

25. 08. 2021 15.54 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

Comenius University Crisis Staff recommended to combine on-site tuition and distance learning. Some educational activities will take place on-site provided that safety and sanitation rules are observed. The number of people present in any room may not exceed 50% of its seating capacity and no more than 50 people may be present in any room together. The CU Crisis Staff Decisions contain details about the rules and measures. On-site teaching may take place only as long as it meets the measures imposed by public authorities. In case teaching on-site cannot meet all of the above conditions, education will take place on-line.

Deans have the last say in how individual subjects will be taught at their faculties. The faculties will inform their students at all levels of study about the details of their study by 31 August 2021.