Comenius University Bratislava adopted a directive that specifies the rules for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in educational, scientific, research and administrative activities. The directive became valid and effective today, after it was signed by Rector Marek Števček.

23. 02. 2024 14.36 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The university supports the use of various tools by both students and teachers, but is aware that transparent rules are needed, particularly with regard to the citation of sources. AI tools should primarily be used to help students learn and to effectively develop and apply the knowledge, abilities and skills acquired by them. It is recommended that teachers familiarize themselves with AI systems and use these tools to enhance the teaching process.

The directive responds to the impact of AI on the academic environment and formulates principles of creative, safe, responsible, ethical and transparent use of these tools at the University. AI tools are intended for use in the drafting and processing of texts, but the rules can also be appropriately applied to other forms of generative AI. The recommended ways of citing AI tool use are listed in the annex to this directive.

Comenius University respects academic integrity, transparency and fairness. The development and use of AI tools is seen as an incentive that could trigger important changes in education - provided that this phenomenon can be adequately mastered and that we can adapt to the new situation.