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Examination period at Comenius University

All winter semester exams in Bachelor, Master and combined studies will be held remotely at Comenius University Bratislava.

11. 12. 2020 13.07 hod.
By: External Relations Office CU

The decision to hold all exams remotely was made by the Rector of Comenius University, Marek Števček, following the recommendation of CU's Permanent Crisis Staff. Epidemiological situation fails to improve and the Permanent Crisis Staff therefore recommends that all dormitories of Comenius University continue to operate on a limited basis during January 2021.

Residents who signed the accommodation contract amendment before 5 October 2020 qualify for a 100% discount on their November and December rents. The University will continue to operate in distance learning mode during the examination period, which ends on 12 February 2021, and so the Rector decided to waive rents for these students for the month of January as well. This means that the residents who signed the amendment to their contract and left the dormitories by 5 October 2020 will not be required to remit any rent payments for this period.

The University will announce further information concerning the operation of its dormitories and the organization of tuition during the summer semester at the end of January. In accordance with the study schedule of academic year 2020/21 tuition in the summer semester will commence on Monday, 15 February, 2021.