Regional Public Health Authority places the Martin dormitory in preventive quarantine

Bratislava, 22 September, 2020: Regional Public Health Authority in Martin imposed a quarantine on the University dormitory and canteen of the Jesenius Faculty of Medicine of the CU in Martin today.

22. 09. 2020 14.56 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

Last week, four students of the Faculty tested positive for COVID-19. They remain in isolation and 150 possible contacts from the Faculty were tested. Today, five additional students received a positive COVID-19 test outcome. The dormitory will isolate these students in separate rooms and provide them with food. The other residents are obliged to remain in the dormitory and received a recommendation to remain in their rooms or units. Catering will be available in the dorm canteen where students will be able to pick up their meals in an organized manner. The closure of the dormitory and the quarantine of its residents is a preventive measure.

Tuition at the Faculty of Medicine in Martin started on 14 September.