02. 03. 2022 15.50 hod.

Comenius University in Bratislava for Ukrainian students:

- has established a special e-mail address as a single contact point:

- allocated 200 places at dormitories and waives accommodation fees from Ukrainian students

-provides special scholarships (Ukrainian students of Faculty of Law CU can address the head of the Study Department, Mrs Helga Kovačičová)

- will also provide the possibility of accommodation for family members (it is necessary to contact the single contact point and state the identification data of relatives of which the student wishes to accommodate)

- provides services of psychological counselling  

- will take into account student´s reduced participation in/absence from seminars


Faculty of Law CU:

- has established a special e-mail address as a single point of contact:

- communicates or attempts to communicate with Ukrainian students of the faculty, including those who are physically present in Ukraine

- if the faculty  manages to contact the Ukrainian students in Ukraine and they want to move to Slovakia, the faculty will arrange for them the transport from the state border by the faculty's company car and provide accommodation for them

- the faculty will take into account the difficult conditions for the study of Ukrainian students (for example, when checking participation in teaching)

- Ukrainian students will be waived the control phase of their studies this semester if they are unable to fulfil their study obligations properly; they are not advised to interrupt their studies in order not to lose their student status

- aspects of support to refugees from Ukraine (e.g. legal aid in finding a job in Slovakia, etc.) will be incorporated into the Student Legal Counselling Centre, the capacity of which will be increased by additional students (additional enrolment will be enabled)

- the faculty is ready to admit students of Ukrainian law faculties who are on the run from the war and would like to study law in Slovakia, the faculty will request the university to waive fees associated with the admission procedure for such applicants

- Ukrainian students who will enrol in study programmes in English will be awarded a scholarship consisting of a waiver of tuition fees - 50 scholarships will be awarded in the study programme Law and 50 scholarships in the study programme Management and Law (subject to the approval of the Faculty of Management, which provides subjects in the part of Management)

- the capacities of clinical subjects of the faculty will be increased, within which students can help Ukrainian refugees (for example, legal counselling regarding employment opportunities in Slovakia, etc.), or new Ukrainian students (student mentoring, assistance with introduction to law and legal Slovak); the faculty will specifically address current Ukrainian students

- the faculty supports the friendship and assistance of Slovak students in relation to Ukrainian students and asks its students to take care of  Ukrainian students, e.g. as “study buddies”, and help them

- the faculty will promote the amendment on the Education Support Fund so that it can also provide loans to Ukrainian students, the initiative will also be submitted directly to the director of the fund, Dr Kučmáš

- the faculty will contact the partner Faculty of Law in Uzhhorod with an offer of assistance and will try to provide the required assistance within the possibilities of the faculty