We reject corruption, we are a fair university

The University will continue to promote a zero tolerance approach to corruption.

16. 05. 2023 13.59 hod.
By: CU External Relation Office

In April 2023, investigators of the Slovak National Criminal Agency (NAKA) detained an employee of one of our faculties who was accepting a bribe. Our response was quick and decisive: we immediately said goodbye to our former colleague. The University will continue to promote a zero tolerance approach to corruption.

Corruption is not just an attempt to alter the decision of a person with authority using an envelope stuffed with banknotes. Corruption also means any abuse of power, violation of one's duties or the use of one’s authority in exchange for an undue advantage. It can be material (money, gift baskets, bottles of alcoholic beverages, household products) or non-material (various counter-services, like window washing). Sometimes the crime of corruption is committed by asking or offering a bribe.

Finally, we want to relegate the last remnants of such behaviour to the past. However, in order to succeed, we all need to chip in.

What to do if you encounter corruption?

  1. Has someone asked you for a bribe?

Contact the police directly, they will advise you on how to proceed. The university will cooperate and will do everything to help investigate the criminal activity. Therefore, also contact the university's designated person (see below). Naturally, we will protect any whistleblowers.

  1. Do you have suspicions of corruption?

Sometimes one has suspicions, but no certainty. For such cases, we have designated a person who can advise you on how to proceed. They will guide you through the world of regulations – while protecting you as a whistleblower. Find more details in our Internal Regulation no. 26/2022 (link via QR code on the right).

  1. Who is the designated person at Comenius University?

The person designated to receive reports of anti-social activity is the head of the Internal Audit Unit at the Rectorate, Ing. Peter Rusňák, PhD. Any reports sent to the address protispolocenska.cinnostuniba.sk will reach him directly.