During mobility and extension

Upon arrival at the foreign university, the student will send to the Erasmus Office:

Learning Agreement (LA) changes – if based on the current study offer, changes in study from the originally agreed plan have been agreed with the receiving institution: within 14 days from the beginning of the semester at the foreign university, but no later than within 1 month, send the changes to the Learning Agreement (the DLA will be edited directly in the Mobility Online system) to the CU faculty for approval.

Extension of a stay

The study must be continuously linked – the student must apply for an extension of the stay at least 1 month before the original mobility end date. In case of approval by CU, the extension must be immediately subsequent in date.

Short-term extension (1 week to 6 weeks): Applies to both winter and summer semester (WS and SS) students, if for objective reasons (e.g. exam dates, etc.) they are unable to complete all the requirements of the LA within the set timeframe. Student submits:

  • Application for extension of stay (form not specified) in writing with a handwritten signature
  • Consent of the home faculty with the extension
  • Documents confirming reasons for which the student is requesting the extension (if available).

Extension for the whole academic year: Applies only to students who have travelled for mobility in the winter semester. The basic condition for such an extension of a stay is that all the requirements of the previous semester’s Financial Support Agreement and LA have been met. The student submits:

  • Application for extension of a stay in writing with a signature
  • Approval of the extension from the home faculty
  • Approval of the extension of study from the foreign university
  • New Learning Agreement for the SS with new commitments.

Requests are to be submitted to the office of  Erasmus Office in writing.

If the student’s application is accepted, he/she will be given for a signature an Amendment to the Grant agreement with the agreed changes.

The student is obliged to submit a Request for amendment in order to make any changes to the Grant agreement (e.g. change of the date of stay at a foreign university).