Support for virtual education

How to teach online


Methodology instructions

  • Methodology instructions on how to use Moodle and MS Teams for virtual education at Comenius University
  • Methodology directions to use software tools
  • Recommendations for the exam period

Methodology guidebooks

  • How to teach online
    This guidebook for teachers contains basics principles of online education and its main differences to classroom teaching. It works to answer questions such as what to pay attention to, how to motivate students, and how to structure your course. The guidebook also deals with issues of copyright and conditions for using electronic materials. If you are starting with your first online course and deciding which tools to use, you should read this guidebook first.
  • Methodology of online assessment
    This guidebook should serve as a practical guide to assess and test students in an online environment. Even though the main principle of assessment does not change with transferring the course online, we cannot directly shift the in-classroom assessment online and expect it to work the same way. Online assessments have their specificities and rules that are summarized in the first few chapters of this guidebook. Furthermore, you will find information on formative and summative assessment with practical examples provided.


  • Moodle
    Video Tutorials for teachers and students on how to work with Moodle.
  • Teams
    Video Tutorial for teachers and students on how to work with MS Teams.
  • Youtube Channel MS pre-education
    Collection of recordings from webinars and presentations on different topics concerning education and options offered also by O365 package.

Support at Faculties

Here you can find a list of department coordinators who will be able to provide help and support if you experience technical difficulties. This list is accessible for Comenius University teachers (you need to log in with your university login and password).

Surveys on Distance Education at Comenius University

Surveys in the academic year 2020/2021

Distance learning - Winter term 20/21 - teachers

Distance learning - Winter term 20/21 - students