University E-mail and Office 365

What is Office365 and how do I log in?

Office365 is a cloud service provided by the Microsoft corporation. It offers you e-mail, calendar, communication tools and online version of office package Office.

Thanks to O365 account, students and teachers have an opportunity to download and use supplement services of Microsoft, such as download and install the Office package.

How to login to Office 365?

You only have to visit this address (you can change language of your login page by clicking on language in the right upper corner) and you will be automatically redirected to the University login page or straight to your mailbox if you are already logged in.
Note that the MS login page asks for your university e-mail address; once entered, you will be redirected to the university login page, where you will enter only your login (without and password!

If you forget the address link, you can always find the reference on System password is L1 password, the same as you already use to login into AIS.

Instructions for mobile devices

Log into the university e-mail from abroad

If you try to log into your university Office 365 account from abroad (except Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary), you will need to set up multi-factor authentication on your account. Verification setup is required every 30 days. Instructions for setting up multifactor authentication can be found on the page -

How will my email address look like?

All addresses remain unchanged in their original form (UniversityLogin is your surname with number, it is also used as your login name for AIS). Comenius University uses this address as the official contact for you, don’t forget to check your mail box regularly! This address will be also used by your teachers and registrar office employers as the official way to send you information.