Comenius University inaugurated managements of university and of faculties

Bratislava, 8 March 2023: Today, the Rector of Comenius University, Marek Števček, and the Deans of eight of its thirteen faculties officially assumed their functions at a ceremonial inauguration which took place in CU’s Auditorium. Vice-rectors were also installed at the ceremony. Most of them assumed office on 1 February 2023. The inauguration is an academic ceremony during which the person assuming a post takes an oath and ceremonially receives the insignia or symbols of their post. The university's insignia include a medal on a chain or a sceptre. Today's ceremony marked the 42nd inauguration of the rector of the oldest Slovak university.

09. 03. 2023 09.06 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

During the previous term of office under the leadership of Rector Marek Števček, the university had to deal with the pandemic and then the crisis resulting from the war against Ukraine, the energy crisis, and a reduction of the budget for higher education. Against the odds, the dormitories and some faculties proceeded with renovation projects, the canteen at the Družba dormitory was upgraded, the legendary UniK student club at Mlynská dolina was resuscitated and a new CU Infocentre was created in Štúrová street. Simultaneously, the university achieved success in the area of research - from its excellent position in the international VER ranking (Verification of Excellence in Research) to the award of a prestigious ERC grant to our scientist Michal Májek. In the future, the Rector plans to continue the renovations, intensify digitalisation, strengthen international cooperation and focus on enhancing the social prestige of Slovak science.

Eight deans were inaugurated.

  • The new deans are:  The Faculty of Medicine has a new management led by its dean Juraj Payer, and dean Katarína Žilková leads the Faculty of Education. Peter Štarchoň becomes the new dean of the Faculty of Management, from 1 March.
  • The inaugurated deans and deans who continue in their next term: Four previous deans continue at their faculties as of 1 February. Eduard Burda continues to lead the Faculty of Law, Peter Fedor continues as the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Andrea Čalkovská stays at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin and Daniel Ševčovič remains for another term as dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. Marián Zouhar resumes as dean of the Faculty of Arts on 7 May.
  • Deans who were inaugurated earlier: Milan Jurík continues as dean at the Evangelical Lutheran Theological Faculty, Jozef Jančovič at the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of Cyril and Methodius, and Ján Klimas at the Faculty of Pharmacy, where the elections were held in previous years.
  • Several faculties are led by temporarily appointed deans: Until new statutes are approved and regular elections held, Viktor Bielik is the acting dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and Lucia Mokrá the acting dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences.

At the ceremony, vice-rectors of the university were also formally installed. Jana Duračinská is the vice-rector for property management and investment, Jozef Masarik is the vice-rector for science, doctoral studies and projects, Radomír Masaryk is the vice-rector for external relations, Viera Štvrtinová is the vice-rector for quality and development and Jozef Tancer is the vice-rector for international relations. The new vice-rector for education and social affairs is Eva Viglašová while the other vice-rectors continue in their second term of office.

"Universities firmly stand on the ground with both feet, but their heads may and must be in the clouds. Those two legs are research and quality education. We are here for our students, we are here for the people whom we lead to replace us one day. The element of reason unifies everything in the spirit of social responsibility of universities." said the Rector of Comenius University Marek Števček.