"Can I extend my Erasmus stay for another semester?"
Yes, but you need to be aware of the deadline for submitting your documentation – one month before the end of the original deadline. All information regarding the extension of a stay can be found on the page Student Mobility – study.

"Can I shorten my Erasmus stay?"
Yes, but after the shortening, the stay must be no shorter than 2 months; the student must fulfil all the conditions of the Financial Support Agreement and must reimburse an aliquot part of the grant.

"What if I don't acquire enough credits?"
This situation is considered on an ad hoc basis. In the event of insufficient number of credits, the student may be required to return a part of the grant. If he/she does not acquire any credits, he/she must return the entire grant. (See sanctions table)

"Is the receiving university obliged to accommodate me?"
No, but each university has recommendations on their website to address this issue. Recommended sites: housinganywhere.com and www.esn.org

"Can I also apply for the same type of Erasmus mobility in the next academic year?"

Yes. Each student can undertake mobility (study and traineeship) for a cumulative maximum of 12 months per degree level of study. For a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree study, or for study of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, the student is entitled to undertake mobility (study and traineeship) for a cumulative maximum of 24 months.

"Can I combine student mobility – study and student mobility – traineeship?"
Yes, but the study mobility and the traineeship mobility must build on each other continuously. The duration of the study mobility must be a minimum of 2 months, and the student receives a grant according to the study mobility table for the whole period.

"Can the grant be sent to my foreign bank account?"
Yes, but in this case, the student must have an account set up abroad prior to submitting the Financial Support Agreement and must provide additional account information as directed by the Erasmus Office.

"Will I be reimbursed for travel?"

"Do I really need to submit all the necessary documents to create a Financial Support Agreement to the Erasmus Programme Department, Rector’s Office 6 weeks prior to travel?"
Yes, in order to be paid the grant. If you travel WITHOUT a signed contract, your stay may not be recognised.

"Does my status as an external student at the university change if the faculty sends me on an Erasmus+ study/traineeship"?
No, your status remains unchanged, as well as all the related requirements (study fees...).

"How are an external student’s employment relations with an employer regulated in the case of mobility?"
As usual, according to the “Labour Code".