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General information / How to apply

Under Erasmus+, a student can stay abroad for a minimum of 2 months, and a maximum of 12 months for each level of study (bachelor's, master's, doctoral - internal or part-time). For study programmes consisting of a single cycle (e.g. medicine), mobilities may together last for a maximum of 24 months during the entire study. Interruption of studies due to or during mobility is not possible and mobility must be started and completed within one academic year. Student mobility is organised on the basis of interinstitutional agreements (IIAs) on student and teacher mobility (a list will be provided by your faculty or you can find a suitable contract on the university mobility portal), which are concluded between universities at the level of departments, faculties or universities. You can consult the study options in advance with the international relations department of your faculty.

University Erasmus office announces a call for applications for student mobility every year. Students apply in the Mobility Online system (use the university login name and password - as in AiS), application is possible only during the period when the call is open, usually from 15 December to 15 February. After applying for Erasmus+ mobility, students are included in the selection process that takes place at the faculty. In case of sufficient funds, an additional call for mobilities in the summer semester is open usually from 15 to 25 September.

After the application has been accepted by the partner university, the student creates a Digital Learning Agreement for studies (DLA or OLA)(short manual). The learning agreement is a tripartite agreement on which subjects the student will complete at the foreign university and which will be recognized by the home faculty. The right to recognize subjects according to LA is guaranteed by the Erasmus+ Charter. The Digital Learning agreement is not a grant agreement, the student signs the grant agreement directly with the Comenius University Erasmus office. Further procedure and conditions for concluding the Agreement on the provision of financial support can be found in the section Before mobility.

You can find contact information for the Erasmus+ faculty coordinator on Erasmus+ faculty coordinators.

Under the Erasmus+ programme, each university is assigned an identification code, the code of Comenius University is SK BRATISL02.

Erasmus charter for higher education 2021 - 2027

ENLIGHT mobilities

As part of Erasmus+ mobility, you can benefit from a multilateral interinstitutional agreement (IIA) concluded within the ENLIGHT university alliance for all fields of study at university level. Before choosing an ENLIGHT agreement in the application form, please check the website of the partner university and the ENLIGHT course catalogue whether the field of study you are interested in is taught at the partner university and is compatible with your study program at Comenius University. Pay attention to the language of instruction, as many subjects can only be provided in the language of the institution and not in English. ENLIGHT mobility has the same conditions as other Erasmus+ semester mobility (signature of learning agreement by faculty and partner, same grant amount...).

Places for student mobilities under ENLIGHT interinstitutional agreement (IIA) are valid for the entire university, not for individual faculties. Students who indicate ENLIGHT IIA in their application form will be included in the selection of students who can use ENLIGHT. The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • study average
  • level of language competencies (language of study at foreign university)
  • preference of first time Erasmus+ mobility
  • preference for disadvantaged students (health, social conditions...)

ENLIGHT is a European network of universities, founded to promote a balanced quality of life, sustainability, and global engagement through the transformation of higher education. The Alliance was created to help build the foundations of an integrated European higher education system. More information on ENLIGHT UK.

Partner universities:

Gent (Belgium):  

Bordeaux (France):

Uppsala (Sweden):

Groningen (Netherlands):

Basque Country/Bilbao (Spain):

Göttingen (Germany):

Irish National University, Galway:

Tartu (Estonia):

Bern (Switzerland, associated partner):

Numbers of Comenius University students who can take semester mobility at ENLIGHT universities during each academic year: 

GENT10agreement not valid for Medicine
BORDEAUX20Agreement not valid for Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy
UPPSALA20agreement not valid for Medicine and Economics
GRONINGEN5agreement not valid for Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Law
BILBAO20 agreement not valid for Medicine, Business and Economy
GOTTINGEN5bachelor's and master's degree only, agreement not valid for Medicine, Dental Medicine, Mathematics, and Informatics
GALWAY4bachelor degree subjects only
BERN10agreement not valid for Medicine and Dental Medicine

Deadlines for nomination of students within ENLIGHT IIA:

Winter semesterSummer semester
GENT15 April15 October
BORDEAUX15 April15 October
UPPSALA1 April1 October
GRONINGEN15 April15 October
BILBAO31 May15 November
GOTTINGEN15 May15 November
GALWAY15 May15 October
TARTU31 March30 September

Short-term mobility for PhD students

You can apply for mobility for study throughout the year by filling out an electronic application form (UK authentication system - same data as AiS). As the administration of the mobility and signing of the Study Agreement take quite a long time, apply well in advance, at least 6 weeks before the start of the mobility.

Mobility can only be realised based on an inter-institutional agreement (IIA) concluded between the UK and the receiving institution. You can consult the valid agreements for the doctoral level of study with the faculty coordinator or on university mobility portal.

Successful completion of the selection procedure is a prerequisite for the implementation of short-term mobility for doctoral students. A criterion for a successful selection procedure is to write a motivation letter directly in the Mobility online system. After submitting the application, the faculty coordinator will then evaluate the motivation letter, while a minimum score for a successful selection procedure is 5 points (50%).

Basic rates of individual support for short-term mobility of PhD students (2022/23):

1 - 14 day15 - 30 day
All programme countries70 EUR50 EUR

Basic rates of individual support for short-term mobility of PhD students (2023/24):

1 - 14 day15 - 30 day
All programme countries79 EUR56 EUR
  • Mobility participants with a lack of opportunities are entitled to a one-off contribution above the basic rate of EUR 100 for physical mobility of 5–14 days and EUR 150 for physical mobility of 15–30 days.
  • Participants with fewer opportunities may be granted support for travel costs. Travel costs are covered by a specific range of fixed amounts according to the distance bands applicable to the whole programme.

Documents before mobility:

  1. Learning agreement for traineeship (DLA/OLA): it is filled out and signed directly in the Mobility online system. After the signature of the student and faculty Erasmus coordinator, it is signed electronically by the receiving institution - data exchange via Erasmus without paper (EWP).
  2. Copy of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The entire process of processing your mobility, as well as uploading of your documents, takes place in the Mobility online system.