Outgoing teachers & researchers mobility

Shortterm visits to Partner institutions

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The University of Innsbruck will offer annually one guest professorship of two months for a professor of the Comenius University in Bratislava for research and teaching purposes within the partnership-agreement. The initiative aims to promote top-level international scientific and didactic exchange with the University of Innsbruck and to support internationalization on site.

Integration of the candidate in a suitable institute or research in order to increase its internationality

Target Group:
Professors or associate professors (highly qualified<s> (upcoming-) </s>researchers), with working status at the Comenius University in Bratislava (preferably those who already have contact with colleagues at the University of Innsbruck).

Duration of the stay2 months

Realisation of stay: Winter or Sommer semester of the academic year

Collaboration area: with colleagues from one of the 16 faculties and 6 research areas of the University of Innsbruck are eligible to apply

Language: english or german

Preconditions (Conditions of participation):

−         doctorate plus relevant scientific accomplishments that go beyond a dissertation/PhD;

desired: habilitation or equal qualification resp. the candidate holds a professorship at a university outside of Austria or is employed at a research institution and has achieved excellent accomplishment there.

−         the candidate is ready to hold a public lecture at the University of Innsbruck during the

course of the stay. Suggestions of topics are requested and should be coordinated with

the respective faculty that applies for the professorship.

−         for organizing and carrying out the lecture it is also requested that institutions of the

University of Innsbruck, which specialize on the imparting of scientific knowledge,

internationalization and/or networking (e.g. research foci, research platforms and centres,

the Science and Responsibility study group, country-specific centres, AIANI, BritInn, the

Alumni network and others) are integrated.

-          successful selection procedure at IRO CU and IRO UI (The final selection of candidates decided by the University of Innsbruck)

-          the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck aims at increasing the percentage of women

-          therefore especially invites suggestions of qualified women candidates

-          it is not possible to repeat this kind of guest professorship

Teaching: up to max. 6 semester hours

-          depending on qualification (gross € 5,175.50/month (without supplementary grant; last updated February 2022) for an employment of 40 hours/week and a teaching assignment with a teaching load up to a maximum of 6 semester hours 
-         there are no extra funds available to cover travel costs, accommodation and provisions

-          department according to association

-          research obligations are not bound to physical attendance at the workplace and can be conducted outside the university

-          in case of full-time employment however, an min. of 4 days per week attendance at the department is recommended, in order to consider the needs of collaborating colleagues

Before selection:

1.       contact an academic supervisor (assoc. prof., prof., or head of department, working fulltime, not professor emeritus) at the University of Innsbruck and send him your Curriculum Vitae, short description of the research project, and inform them that in case of a successful selection procedure the research stay will be financed by the University of Innsbruck  within the partnership agreement. 

2.       agree with him on the content and the date of your planned research stay in Innsbruck

3. at the same time, ask him to fill in the application in german language / in english language, to sign and to send it to Dr. Barbare Tasser (IRO, Uni Innsbruck) till 4.4.2022

4.       fill in the Application in german language / in english language  (according to the lanuage of work) signed by the applicant and by the Head of department from Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava and send it during the call for application term at IRO CU including all necessary documents by mail to ivana.dzurikova@rec.uniba.sk and post: Mgr. Ivana Dzúriková, Oddelenie medzinárodných vzťahov, Rektorát, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Šafárikovo nám 6, 814 99, Bratislava


·         Curriculum vitae et studiorum of the nominee (tabular form)

·         ExplanatoryStatement of reasons ( Acceptance Letter) from the academic supervisor at the applying/inviting faculty/research area Vienna (containing the date of the research stay)

·         Statement of reasons from the initiator

·         Recommended topics (Suggestion(s) of theme(s)) for a public lecture (including a short description)

·         Written consent of the dean of the sending faculty of Comenius University with the nomination

After selection:

1.       The nomination will be sent by the International Office of Comenius University in Bratislava to the International Office of the University of Innsbruck to definitive acceptance statement.

2.       You have to look for appropriate accommodation in Innsbruck during your stay at the University of Innsbruck yourself

3.      You have to provide travel insurance (incl. medical care, accidents etc. for the whole period of your stay), travel expenses, books and other materials on your own.

4.       You have to discuss your salary conditions with the Head of your scientific department at your home faculty and your travel documents by your faculty economical department

Responsible Person at Comenius University in Bratislava: Mgr. Ivana Dzúriková, OMV RUK,  tel: 02/9010 9234; email: ivana.dzurikovarec.uniba.sk

Responsible Person at University of Innsbruck: Dr. Barbara Tasser

Call for application from IRO R CU: once per calendar year

Application deadline: 4.4.2022