FAQ - Frequent asked questions

Contacts - who I can turn to in various situations:

I have a problem with submitting the application, selecting a room, or another issue on the accommodation portal.

You can contact CePIT.

I am a student with specific needs and need help with the accommodation process.

You can contact Support center for students with specific needs:

PaedDr. Elena Mendelová, CSc., elena.mendelova@rec.uniba.sk, 02/90102068

PaedDr. Mária Ježíková, maria.jezikova@uniba.sk, 02/90102019

I do not have the correct points for activities assigned / grades or subjects are missing in my application.

Your faculty’s study officer can help with this issue.

I want my deposit advance refunded.

Send the request for refund of the deposit advance due to incorrect payment, late payment, or withdrawal of the accommodation application  from your university email account along with the payment receipt/identification to the email koordinator.ubytovanie@uniba.sk.

I have questions about the accommodation process.

If the answer is not found in any of the responses below, contact CePIT.

I want accommodation - application submission

How do I get accommodation at UK?

Around mid-July (check the schedule), you can apply for accommodation for the following academic year on the website: https://ubytovanie.uniba.sk/. This option is available to all newly admitted and continuing students or doctoral candidates.

If you miss this deadline or fail to secure accommodation in the accommodation process, you can submit a supplementary application directly to the dormitory. It is necessary to follow the instructions of each dormitory, which will be published on their websites.

What are the UK dormitories?

Comenius University provides accommodation in the following housing facilities:

Mlyny UK


  • High-rise blocks - block A and block B, known as Štúrak (currently under reconstruction)
  • Atrium houses - four-story buildings with a terrace-like character, interconnected.
  • Marital dormitories

Družba UK


Lafranconi Student Dormitory located at the Faculty of Medicine University Dormitory of JLF UK in Martin

Under what conditions can I get accommodation as a student at UK?

I am a newly admitted student - you are entitled to choose a room in the accommodation process if you submit your application and pay an advance deposit on time.

I am a continuing student - you are entitled to choose a room if you submit your application and rank "above the line" in the queue, meaning you have enough points. You do not pay the advance deposit (in specific cases, the system will prompt you to pay).

I am a doctoral candidate - you are entitled to choose a room if you submit your application on time. You do not pay the advance deposit.

What are my options for accommodation if I am an applicant with specific needs?

Applicants with specific needs are divided into two groups within the accommodation process. During May, you can negotiate with the Support centre for students with specific needs whether your room will be assigned based on your needs, or you will be placed in the second group and go through the room selection with other students.

I am an international applicant - what should I meet to get accommodation?

Like everyone else, you must be registered as an accepted applicant or a regular student. As an accepted applicant, you have the right to choose a room; just submit your application and pay the deposit in advance on time. As a regular student, you can submit your application and if you get above the line in the queue, you can choose a room in the system. If you rank below the line, you can submit your application after the accommodation process directly at the specific dormitory.

When am I not entitled to accommodation?

When you have violated the contractual terms in the current academic year - the dormitory has expelled youWhen you are below the line in the queue (you cannot select a room, but you can try applying through the dormitory) You are not registered as an accepted applicant or a regular student on the application date

When are applications for accommodation submitted in the accommodation process?

Applications usually start being accepted in mid-July. You need to check the exact date in the schedule for the current academic year.

I didn't manage to pay the deposit in advance, what should I do?

You can submit a supplementary application for accommodation according to the instructions of the specific accommodation facility.

I'm not a freshman, do I have to pay the advance deposit to validate my application?

After submitting the application, payment instructions will either appear or not in the system. Based on that, you will know whether payment is required.

What is IDS BK and what significance does it have when submitting an application?

The Integrated Transport System of the Bratislava Region is a system aimed at making public transport within the Bratislava Region more attractive and easier. If you live within the coverage area of IDS BK (only valid for Slovakia), according to the directive, you are not entitled to accommodation in the dormitory since you live relatively close to the school, freeing up space for those who commute from longer distances.

How is my quality criterion calculated?

During the evaluation period, the sum of the number of credits and the numerical rating for all subjects enrolled by the student is calculated, and the result is divided by the total number of credits the student has enrolled for that period. Some subjects are not included in the calculation of the Quality Criteria for accommodation purposes.

Are subjects from mobility included in the Quality Criteria?

According to the directive, subjects from summer mobility, state exam subjects of the current academic year, or subjects graded after the examination period are not included.

What is "quality criterion"?

Since continuing students do not have guaranteed accommodation, they are ranked in the faculty queue. The quality criterion is the conversion of their Grade point average (GPA) into points.

What activities can earn me points to rank higher in the queue?

You can find this information in the Dean's Directive of your faculty. Generally, it includes participation in various competitions, blood donation, publishing activities, and others.

What is room stabilization?

Room stabilization is a simple way for a continuing student to keep the same room for the next academic year. If, for example, you were accommodated in MIA-344 and do not want to change it, just check in your application that you want to keep the room. If you rank above the line in the queue, you no longer participate in room selection. Stabilization can only be canceled during the application period.

Can I cancel stabilization?

Stabilization can only be canceled during the application period by canceling the submitted application and submitting a new one.

I completed my bachelor's/master's studies at UK and have been admitted to another study level at a different faculty at UK. Can I stabilize a room?

The system will evaluate you as a newly admitted student, so you will choose a room again.

I am transferring to another field within the faculty and have not completed my bachelor's/master's/doctoral studies. Can I stabilize a room?

If you have recognized subjects, you are a continuing student, and stabilization is possible.

What should I do to get a better room next year?

You can improve your academic results to have a higher GPA. You can participate in activities for which you receive additional points Research which rooms you prefer and try to select from them Participate in the room selection as soon as it opens

My application submission is not working - why?

It's important that you submit your application within the correct timeframe. You will find this information in the accommodation process schedule.

If the application submission deadline has passed and you're unable to submit your application, the issue may be that you are not registered as a student (accepted applicant/regular student), you may have interrupted your studies, etc.

When submitting applications, it indicates that I don't have a valid relationship, what should you do?

If you have interrupted your studies, you cannot apply for accommodation as you do not have the rights and obligations of a student.

If you are starting the first year of a bachelor's or master's program, contact the study department.

What should I do if there is incorrect information in the application form?

Mark the information as untrue (check "no"). The study officer will review and correct this information. If there is an error in your academic results, provide details in the note. This will facilitate the work of the study officer.

I marked incorrect data in the application. How quickly will it be corrected?

Study officers correct applications continuously. It's advisable to check your application the day after submission. Verified/corrected data will be marked in the system with green color.

I have incorrect grades recorded in the academic results table in the application even after the study officer informed me that changes were made. What should I do?

If the study officer indicated in the note that the grades were corrected, they only did so in AiS2, from where the data is downloaded into the application system. Therefore, contact CePIT and inform them that you need to re-upload the grades and recalculate the quality criterion in the application. The system administrator will do this as soon as possible. The quality criterion is recalculated during the night, so the change will be visible the next day.

I submitted my application, paid the deposit on time, but I don't see the payment matched, and I'm afraid it won't be done in time. What should I do?

Payment must be made by the end of the application period so that the money arrives on time because queues are formed from valid applications. Payments are matched to accommodation applicants according to: the account number from which the payment was made (you provide this information when submitting the application), and then according to the variable symbol - Your university personal number, and we recommend writing your name in note. If none of this information matches, it is not possible to associate the payment with a specific person.

Matching payments after the queue creation deadline is not possible. If your payment arrives late, you can request a refund and submit your application directly to the accommodation facility.

When am I entitled to a refund of the deposit?

If you want to cancel your accommodation application and get the deposit back, you can do so by the deadline according to the schedule.

How does mixed accommodation work?

Mixed accommodation is intended for two people of the opposite sex. When submitting the application, the couple agrees that they want mixed accommodation, which they check in the application and write the name of the other person. Both individuals' points are assessed separately. If both of them exceed the threshold in the faculty queue, their application for mixed accommodation is valid. Subsequently, a partner queue is created. The number of rooms for mixed accommodation is limited, so a threshold must also be determined. Those who do not exceed the threshold will be dissolved into the faculty/interfaculty capacity. Those who get mixed accommodation will be assigned a room.

We are two accepted applicants (we have no points) and we want mixed accommodation. How will we be placed in the queue?

As accepted applicants, you will have a total of 0 points in the partner queue, so you will be at the end of the queue. If you do not exceed the threshold in the mixed accommodation queue, you will automatically be placed back in the faculty queue and go through the regular room selection.

We are siblings (brother and sister) and want to live in mixed accommodation, is it possible?

If both of you select mixed accommodation in the application and mark each other as co-residents, you will be placed as a sibling pair in the selection for mixed capacity.

I have interrupted my study and I want to apply for accommodation.

During the application period, the student must be active because an "interrupted student" does not have a relationship with the university. The system cannot predict whether the student plans to end the interruption or not and will block a bed that someone else could choose. So if you do not have a valid relationship with the university at the time of application, you are not entitled to accommodation. You can apply for accommodation directly at the dormitory.

I have submitted my application, but I am no longer interested in living in the dormitory, what should I do?

If it's still within the application submission deadline, simply cancel the application. If you cancel your application within the application deadline, the deposit will be refunded to you. After this deadline, you are no longer entitled to a refund of the deposit. If you are a continuing student, simply cancel the application within the application deadline. If it's past this deadline, simply don't select a room during the room selection.

I left my studies/was excluded from studies, but immediately enrolled in another faculty as a newly accepted applicant. Can I stabilize a room?

If you have the status of a newly accepted applicant, you cannot stabilize a room.

I have stabilization, but I am below the threshold in the queue. Will I get the room I stabilized?

Stabilization is not a reservation; it only expresses interest in the same room as last year. If you are below the line in the queue, the stabilization is canceled.

Originally, I was below the threshold, but after the move, I am above the threshold. Does my stabilization from the application still apply?

Stabilization is confirmed or canceled after the queues are created. So after the additional movement, it is not renewed. You must choose another room.

Where and when can I see if I have stabilization?

When submitting the application as a continuing student, you will see the room number where you were accommodated at the time of stabilization discovery (according to the schedule point A2). You can check whether you want to stabilize the room (you are interested in stabilization) or not and choose another room.

If you are a continuing student who already lives in the dormitory and the system does not offer you a room for stabilization when submitting the application, it may be because the room where you lived underwent reconstruction or its allocation was changed. The reason may also be that at the time when records of those accommodated were taken, you were not accommodated.

Can I, as a graduating Master's student, stabilize a room when I start doctoral studies in the next academic year?

If you were accommodated at the time of stabilization collection, you will be able to stabilize a room in the application.

Can I stabilize a mixed (partners) room?

Yes, if you lived in a mixed room with a partner, you can stabilize the same room and write your partner's name in the application after submitting it.


What is the purpose of the queue?

The queue in the accommodation process ensures the sorting of students into groups according to the criteria specified in the accommodation process directive. Each group selects a room on a specific day.

  1. On the first day, only doctoral students choose a room.

  2. On the second day, doctoral students + the first third of continuing students and applicants with disabilities choose.

  3. On the third day, students from the first and second days + the rest of the continuing students choose.

  4. On the fourth day, newly accepted students and students from previous groups choose.

  5. On the fifth day, students who have moved above the threshold after the shift choose from the remaining capacity.

How are the queues formed?

Since there are more students than beds allocated to the faculty, it is necessary to determine which students will be eligible for accommodation. Current (continuing) students are ranked in queues based on the points they have earned. These are points for weighted GPA, activity points, and points for social situation. Since it wouldn't be fair to compare academic performance across faculties, each faculty has its own queue. A line is set in each queue based on the number of allocated beds minus the number of admitted applicants from that faculty, as all newly accepted students are entitled to accommodation.

How can I rank higher in the queue?

The better your academic performance, the more points you will earn. At the same time, you can participate in various activities during your studies, which will guarantee you additional points. You can find out what activities these are and how many points you can earn in the Dean's Directive of your faculty.

For example, it could be: blood donation, participation in competitions, involvement in academic self-governing bodies, publishing activities, scientific research activities, and others.

What should I do if I'm below the line in the queue?

If you've had the misfortune of ending up just below the threshold, there's a high chance that after the line shift, you'll be included in the room selection. However, it's better not to risk it and submit an additional accommodation request directly to the dormitory. Instructions can be found directly on the specific dormitory's website.

What does it mean to be "out of the queue"?

You'll be out of the queue if you haven't paid the deposit (if you're in the group of students required to pay it).

What are the chances of getting accommodation after the threshold shift if I'm just below the line?

The chance is high, but if too many applicants with the same number of points as you end up in the same spot, it's possible that the threshold won't shift. It's better to submit an additional request through the dormitory.

After the room selection

When will I receive notification of accommodation allocation?

Notifications are sent to the university email in mid-August.

If I'm not satisfied with the room, can I exchange it?

During the room selection process, you can choose another room, but only during the time allocated for your group.

If you're unhappy with your room after the room selection process, you can try to transfer directly at the dormitory.

Another option is to exchange beds with someone else by agreement and according to the conditions of the specific accommodation facility.

We don't get along with roommates, what can be done?

If you're dissatisfied with your roommate(s), you can try to switch with someone else by agreement and according to the conditions of the specific accommodation facility.

If your roommate is violating the dormitory rules, you can report it according to the instructions of the specific accommodation facility.

Do I have a chance to get accommodation after the room selection process?

You have the option to apply through an additional request at a specific accommodation facility.

Where can I find the accommodation contract?

If you're accommodated at Mlyny, JLF dormitory in Martin, or Druzba, contracts can be found in the E-wallet.

Lafranconi dormitory provides contracts in paper form.

A friend has selected a room at the dormitory, but is no longer interested in accommodation. I'm below the line. Can I agree with my friend and take his place at the dormitory?

It's not possible to agree in this way. You need to submit a request to the additional queue at the dormitory.

I have selected a room at the dormitory, but I don't want to move in. Can I transfer it to someone I agree with?

It's not possible to agree in this way, as dormitories allocate beds according to the additional queue.

I've got a room in the selection, but I no longer want to live in the dormitory, what should I do?

Simply don't pay for accommodation, and the reservation will be canceled.

Payments - How, where and when do I pay?

What is a pre-deposit (advance deposit) and who pays it?

A pre-deposit ensures that a student carefully considers whether they genuinely wish to accommodate in the UK dormitory. The number of newly admitted students who are all entitled to accommodation and have paid the pre-deposit is important for creating waiting lists.

If you are unsure whether you need to pay the pre-deposit, the system will notify you after you submit your application (you will see if it provides information about the necessity of payment).

Where do I pay the pre-deposit (advance deposit)?

The moment you submit your accommodation application, the system will inform you where and when you need to pay the pre-deposit. If the system does not provide this information, you do not need to pay the pre-deposit.

When making the payment, ensure that you have entered all the information correctly (including the note - your full name). The system will not be able to match your payment, if there will not be any right information and you will lose the opportunity to secure accommodation. 

The system matches payments based on: the university personal number, the account number, which you can provide when verifying personal details at https://ubytovanie.uniba.sk/, or the name provided in the note.

What is a deposit, who pays it, and when?

A deposit serves to secure any claims against the accommodation applicant. For example, in cases where the applicant does not pay for accommodation or causes damage to the accommodation property.

The deposit is paid into the account of the accommodation facility, the same account used for rent payments. The deposit is paid in two installments for the academic year. Accepted applicants pay only one installment, as the first one was paid as the pre-deposit.

Where can I get the payment details for the rent?

Around August 17th, an announcement will be sent to your university email with all the necessary payment information.

Accommodation price (rent)

It is recommended to always pay by the 20th of the month (payment is for the following month) to the account of the accommodation facility. Do not forget to include the correct variable symbol (as stated in the contract).