University Presents New Prices at Dormitories, Starting September

An academic year has just ended during which three major events hit us: the global COVID-19 pandemic, a war conflict in a neighbouring country and unprecedented cuts in state funding of universities. Nevertheless, we strive to maintain a high standard at our dormitories while making sure that study at our university is affordable for the largest proportion of students.

24. 06. 2022 14.43 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

Energy costs at our dormitories increased by more than 40%. The university has no additional resources which could be used to compensate this additional cost. Consequently, we have no other choice but to increase prices for dormitory accommodation for students and staff as of the beginning of the next semester. The Academic Senate of Comenius University met to discuss the proposed price increase yesterday, 22 June, 2022.

Prices at CU Mlyny will increase from the original levels ranging between 47.50 and 113.50 euros to 58.50 and 134 euros per month. From September, a double room in High-Rise B will cost 87.50 euros per month instead of the current 74 euros.

Prices at CU Družba dormitory increased from the previous range of 72.53 to 97.33 euros, to between 88.68 and 119 euros per month. From September, a double room in Blocks D1 and D2 will cost 93.96 euros per month instead of 76.85 euros.

New prices at CU Mlyny and CU Družba

The price increase is only enough to cover the actual cost increases to the dormitories. The University operates its accommodation for students and staff as a social service rather than a for-profit activity. When determining prices, Comenius University makes sure that accommodation will remain affordable for students from socially disadvantaged families.