University prepares for the resumption of onsite teaching

Bratislava, 25 January 2022: Today, the Crisis Staff of Comenius University approved new measures which will apply during the summer semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. Comenius University Bratislava is submitting a proposal to the Regional Public Health Authority, including the following:

26. 01. 2022 08.39 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office
  1. Onsite teaching in the summer semester. The Crisis Staff recommends to return to onsite teaching in the summer semester. Details are to be determined by faculty deans. In justified cases, certain educational activities may continue to take place online.
  2. Teaching will remain online during the first three weeks. Before 6 March, it is recommended to teach online, depending on the development regarding both the Omicron variant and regular flu.
  3. If you feel unwell, stay at home. We ask the teachers to respect justified absence of students due to health reasons once onsite teaching resumes.
  4. Dormitories will apply the VTR rule. As before, the dormitories will apply the VTR (Vaccinated-Tested-Recovered) rule. Other rules will apply according to the severity of the situation. The students who left the dormitories in September can reapply for accommodation, pending available capacity.
  5. Be careful. Students and staff are required to wear face-masks or respirators in accordance with the rules issued by the Slovak Public Health Authority. At the same time, building managers will ensure more frequent sanitization and ventilation of indoor areas. We strongly recommend that students and staff get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Update, 28 January 2022: The Bratislava and Martin Public Health Authorities approved the resolution adopted by CU's Crisis Staff. This means the University can begin to apply the rules in its daily operation and tuition.

Decision of the Crisis Staff of Comenius University.