On 12 September 2016, a matriculation ceremony took place in the Comenius University Auditorium for international students who had chosen to come and study at Comenius University in the upcoming academic year.

13. 09. 2016 09.57 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

A total of 332 international students will spend either one or both semesters at our university in the new academic year. This includes 320 students from 86 European universities, who will study at Comenius University in the Erasmus+ programme.

The largest Erasmus+ group are from Spain (103 students from 25 Spanish universities).

The second-largest group in the programme are from Italy (40 students from 18 universities).

The third largest group in the programme to be welcomed at Comenius University come from France (31 students from 15 universities).

The programme intake at Comenius University also includes students from Turkey (28), Portugal (25), Poland (21), Romania (13), and Austria (10).

Additionally, six students from Japan, two students from Canada, two students from Taiwan, and one student from the USA will study at Comenius University upon the basis of bilateral agreements.

More photographs can be found on Comenius University’s Facebook page.