Bratislava, 22 July 2020: This year at Comenius University, the traditional educational activities over summer have moved online. The remote method of tuition will take place for the ongoing Children's Comenius University as well as for the summer schools of Slovak language for foreigners and the summer school of programming, physics, and mathematics.

22. 07. 2020 19.48 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

Due to ongoing preventive measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, several summer-long educational projects have decided to switch to an online form of tuition for this year. The summer school of Slovak language and culture organized by the Centre for Continuing Education is taking place in small groups through the MS Teams application from 13 to 24 July. Over ten working days, students will acquire and improve their communication and language skills in Slovak, and they will learn about the diversity of the history and culture of Slovakia. This course is intended for students from the age of seventeen and older who are living abroad as well as for Slovak expatriates and high school students in their final year.

Secondary school students who love programming, physics, and mathematics will be able to participate in the Trojsten summer school. From 13 to 24 July, live lectures have been taking place online, and they will later be available on YouTube. This summer school includes lectures on such topics as the Eyes of (Bio)informatics and Graphics in Computer Games.

Study Academica Slovaca (SAS) is another summer school which will take place remotely. This school of Slovak language and culture will hold language seminars, conversation lessons, and lectures online from 3 to 14 August. The oldest summer school in Slovakia is provided by the Faculty of Arts and annually educates foreigners who study Slovak as well as other Slavists, students, cultural workers, managers, teachers, translators, and others who are interested in the Slovak language and culture.

A novelty this year is the Economy in a Circle summer school, which is aimed at explaining the basis of the circular economy to pupils in the fifth to ninth grades of primary school. Through lectures, workshops, and games on topics such as product design, waste management, dealing with biodegradable waste, green buildings, and consumer behaviour, it wants to show children how practical solutions can work in everyday life. This will be the only school to take place on site, doing so from 10 to 14 August at the Faculty of Management. This course is being organized by the Centre for Management Development and Applied Research at the Faculty of Management, the 3E Institute, and Circular Slovakia.

"We spent almost the entire summer semester at Comenius University online. As many measures in relation to the spread of the virus are ongoing, I am pleased that our school organizers have chosen to move to the online environment rather than undertake tuition on site. I believe this year will not be any less attractive for students, but it will certainly be a memorable year for all of us in terms of how successfully we have managed the pandemic," said Comenius University rector, Marek Števček.