Future Students and Tourists - Information Centre Welcomes All

Bratislava, 4 May 2022: Comenius University Bratislava opened a new information and event centre. The Information Centre at 9 Štúrova street is close to the main building of Comenius University at Šafárikovo námestie in central Bratislava. It will serve current and future students as well as the general public.

11. 05. 2022 09.09 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The information centre is intended to be the first point of contact for those who are interested in studying at the university. It will also host various events, trainings, lectures, exhibitions, seminars or art events. Gifts and promotional items of the university will be available for purchase and visitors will be able to obtain information about the study and the university.

The centre was created as part of CU’s effort to engage with the public more openly and to communicate with current and potential students more effectively. It also aims to increase the involvement of the professional public in the life of the university.

The university transformed what used to be a commercial property into an accessible space. It includes an entrance zone, where visitors can obtain information about studying at the university. The rest of the centre consists of an area which will serve as a cafe during the day and can be converted to an event space as needed.

"The interior was designed to show that the space is intended for young people while at the same time remaining respectable enough to represent the university," says architect Dušan Kočlík from the Slovak University of Technology (STU). In designing the interior of the centre, Comenius University cooperated with STU, its closest partner in academia.

The project is a part of the project Centrum Comeniana which received funding from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Renovation of the premises took place between August 2021 and January 2022. The space is fully wheelchair accessible.

"The university does not just consist of lecture halls, teacher offices and libraries. It strives to be a living part of its city. It needs to communicate with its students and prospective students, as well as with the public, both the professional and the lay. Our new information centre is an attempt to step outside of the standard layout of our activities and create a barrier-free space in the historic centre of Bratislava, offering timeless interior design and the functions of a contact point and a meeting place. I believe that the events, lectures, readings, concerts and discussions held here will help us engage more effectively with people who are interested in study, and involve the general public in the life of the university," said Marek Števček, Rector of Comenius University Bratislava.