Comenius University continues to renovate its dormitories

Bratislava, 11 May 2022: Major and minor renovations are ongoing at Mlyny and Druzba, the largest dormitories of Comenius University Bratislava. The work is scheduled to continue during the summer break.

13. 05. 2022 11.13 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

At High-Rise Block A of the Mlyny Dormitory, windows and balcony doors in all rooms will be changed by September 2023. Utilities in the building core are also being rebuilt. By June 2023, Block M in ‘Atrium Houses’ will receive new floors, undergo a complete redecoration, and have new furniture installed. By September 2022 floors in corridors will be refurbished in Blocks F, G and J.

In addition, a design and project file is being developed for a new health care facility and service centre at Mlyny. The centre should house the offices of a general practitioner, a dentist and other service providers. Access roads, parking lots, traffic signs and retaining walls are also being modernized. There are plans to extend wi-fi coverage to the entire campus by the end of 2023. Between 2019 and the end of 2022 about 5.8 million euros will have been invested in the CU Mlyny dormitories.

Additional funding from external sources and the state will be needed to cover the cost of a complete renovation of High-Rise Block B. The university already obtained the implementing project documentation and the necessary building permit, and at the moment the Ministry of Transport and Construction is carrying out an assessment to ensure the best use of public money. According to the project, the building will be stripped to its concrete structure and everything else, including utilities, cladding, windows, doors and sanitary facilities will be upgraded. The rooms will be enlarged by incorporating the former balconies.

At the Druzba Dormitory the boiler facility which provides heating to Block D1 is undergoing an overhaul. The work is to be completed by September 2022. The Druzba Dormitory follows its 2019-2022 development plan and almost 2.7 million euros have been invested up to this point. The renovations are jointly financed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, and the University.

For the duration of the construction work, no guests will be accommodated in the renovated buildings. Good planning is crucial if the renovations are to be seamless.

“Students deserve a functional and highly operational student campus while we provide reasonable value at the most affordable price. I would like the dormitories to be alive all week," said the rector of Comenius University Marek Števček.

Three weeks ago, Comenius University reopened the recently renovated and oldest university club in Slovakia, UniK. The modern interior of the legendary club allows it to function as a cultural and entertainment centre, café and study room. In September, a new canteen will open at Mlyny, called the Eat and Meet.