On 24 November 2016 a ceremonial session of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Management took place in the Comenius University Auditorium under the auspices of Professor Peter Plavčan (the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic) and Comenius University Rector, Professor Karol Mičieta.

28. 11. 2016 09.06 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

In addition to members of the Comenius University leadership, representatives of the university’s faculties, and other members of the university’s academic community, this event was attended by the Rector of the School of Economics and Management of Public Administration, Professor Viera Cibáková; the Rector of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Professor Ferdinand Daňo; the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Associate Professor Štefan Žák; graduates; faculty staff; and other important guests.

In his address, Professor Mičieta said: “The successful inclusion of the Faculty of Management among international award winners has got me thinking that it really should have palm trees in its logo; at Paris-Sorbonne University it received the Excellent Business School Award, which features a logo with three palm leaves, and the faculty’s dean, Professor Jozef Komorník, was made an Officer of the prestigious Order of the French Academic Palms.” He pointed out that the faculty was established as the first tertiary institution in Slovakia to specialize specifically in the tuition of management.

Professor Plavčan recalled the beginnings of the faculty: “It is unbelievable how quickly time passes. I still remember the time when the faculty came into being and how it had worked its way up to becoming one of the best management and economics faculties in Slovakia in the space of a few years. The faculty’s results in important competitions are evidence of the fact that it has maintained its distinguished position among the highest places in the rankings of tertiary institutions and of economics and management faculties in Slovakia and the world.” The minister also expressed his thanks to the dean and the whole faculty team for their great work, which is reflected in the high levels of success graduates experienced in the job market.

Professor Komorník talked about the beginnings of the faculty and emphasized the exceptional level of success the faculty has experienced in gaining international grants. Visits by lecturers from abroad to the faculty have also been a significant part of its development. “The faculty currently has exchange partnerships for students with universities in 26 different countries. Up to 80 % of full-time students spend at least one semester at a university abroad,” the dean said.

There were also speeches by successful graduates of the faculty: Mgr. Ján Tóth, M.A., Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia; Mgr. Martin Vozár, PhD., a Portfolio Manager at Wealth Effect Management; PhDr. Martin Kostič, PhD., the Founder and Director of the Emark advisory company; and Mgr. Alexander Móži, the Chief Video Officer at Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia.

The event ended with the dean presenting commemorative letters to members of the Comenius University leadership, important guests, and personalities.

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