High School Students Become University Students for a Day

Bratislava, 23 May 2022: During the two weeks while their more senior schoolmates graduate, high school students can walk in the shoes of a university student. The 2022 ‘Become a University Student for a Day’ event takes place on two Tuesdays, 24 May and 31 May 2022, in the Auditorium of Comenius University Bratislava. Experts from various fields will deliver engaging lectures. In this way, those who consider university study can have the experience first-hand.

27. 05. 2022 15.14 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The agenda on Tuesday, 24 May, offers high school students a lot of variety from the very morning. Participants will learn how the law sometimes helps to spread misinformation, or how music affects us. They can learn about the largest organ in the human body - the muscle - and gain an insight into the development of an effective and safe medicine. Or they can choose any of a number of other interesting lectures.

On 31 May, the second day of the event, they can discover how study is possible even with a learning disability. They can learn how to use the addition of exponents in actual life and find out whether we should fear mutations. They can also look forward to interesting trivia from the field of surgery.

"We are happy to open the academia even to those high school students who are still some years away from having to decide about their future education. I am pleased that after two years online we will meet them again in person in our Auditorium. I also hope that the lecture day will awaken a fascination in them and that we will soon see them back as students of bachelor studies," said the Rector of Comenius University Marek Števček.

Event agenda