On 15 November 2017, students from Slovak universities, including some from Comenius University, received French degree certificates at a ceremony held at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. Thanks to an international partnership, these students had been enrolled in both Slovak and French universities in eight study programmes. This international agreement meant they could receive both a Slovak and a French degree.

29. 11. 2017 09.54 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

At the graduation ceremony, eight female students from Comenius University’s Faculty of Management – Veronika Kuklišová, Monika Polešenská, Dominika Vajdová, Michaela Gromová, Lucia Hrevušová, Martina Husárová, Zuzana Sausová, and Dorota Žiaková – received their degree certificates. They had studied at the Université de Lorraine at master’s level in study programmes focusing on European Studies as well as Financial Management and the European Region.

The event was an opportunity for the new graduates to meet the French embassy representative, François-Xavier Mortreuil, alongside representatives of French and Slovak universities and members of the France Alumni Slovensko social network. They shared their professional experiences with the fresh graduates and told them how they had made use of their Francophone studies in the Slovak labour market.

The event was attended by the dean of Comenius University’s Faculty of Management, Professor Jozef Komorník; the vice-dean of Comenius University’s Faculty of Law, Dr Marián Giba; and Associate Professor Jana Truhlářová from Comenius University’s Faculty of Arts.

The main coordinator of Slovak-French university partnerships is the Slovak-French University Institute, which is based in Banská Bystrica.