CU students once again suceed at the World InterUniversities Championships

The Comenius University student team won at this competition of sixty universities from around the world and defended last year's overall victory in Barcelona. Second place went to the University of Le Creusot, third place went to the Czech Technical University in Prague, fourth place went to the University of St Petersburg, and fifth place went to the Association of Universities in Ghent. This was the fifth edition of the World InterUniversities Championships, and it was held in Pula, Croatia, from 13 to 17 November 2019.

22. 11. 2019 09.42 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

These university "Olympic Games" showcased competition among students who are amateur athletes in various sports disciplines, including football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, and tennis. These were are also less traditional sports such as handball, rugby, badminton, swimming, chess, and cheerleading. For winning each discipline, the university received points for the final ranking.

One hundred and twenty-nine students travelled to Croatia under the guidance of nine coaches and the team leader, Martin Dovičák. “The students showed immense solidarity, and they supported each other on every occasion. Our athletes had fantastic support in every event. This fascinated the rivals as well as the organizers, who often followed events in the stands more than on the court itself,” said Martin Dovičák when commenting on the atmosphere in Pula.

Comenius University was represented in almost all the disciplines. They performed best in women's basketball, tennis, and cheerleading, where they won first place. In women's football and athletics they won silver medals, and they got bronze medals for women's volleyball and table tennis.