Teachers from CU awarded the medals of St Gorazd

On 25 March 2019, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic gave awards to sixty-two teachers and others working in education.

29. 03. 2019 08.55 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

The Minister of Education, Martina Lubyová, gave the awardees grand and minor medals of St Gorazd along with letters of thanks. The only teacher from Comenius University at this event was Professor Martin Péč, who is head of Institute of Medical Biology at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, who was awarded for his teaching and research activity. A minor medal was also awarded to

A Grand Medal of St Gorazd was awarded to Professor Ján Čižmár, a longstanding member of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics, for his unique and lifelong contribution to the theory of teaching mathematics and the history of mathematics. Professor Marta Pančíková, who was the head of the Department of Slavic Studies at the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University for thirteen years. She received the medal for her many years of chairing the Slovak–Polish Humanities Committee and for her lifelong work in the field of Slavic linguistics. 

The ethical awards in education carrying the name of St Gorazd are the highest form of award in education and have existed since 1999. They are awarded by ministers of education on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day to teachers, educational workers, and workers and in other social areas who have done meritorious work for schools and pupils.

More information and a list of awardees can be found here.