High school students experience a day at university

High school students who are not in their final year of studies and who are still considering their options for tertiary studies, visited Comenius University in Bratislava and had a go at being a university student. Experts from the university prepared lectures for them in the fields of medicine, law, history, physics, management, and artificial intelligence. The event was attended by 400 young people and took place over two weeks as their older schoolmates sat their school leaving exams.

30. 05. 2019 14.43 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

Ivana, who attends a combined school in Petržalka, came to the Experience a Day as a University Student event. “I decided to come because I wanted to find out more about Comenius University,” she said. “I found the event interesting, even though not all the lectures were meant for me as I would like to study medicine,” she continued. Ivana especially liked the lecture on medicines and why in some cases they might be harmful.

Matúš, who attends a grammar school in Skalica, is primarily interested in mathematics and physics, but he has not yet decided about his future plans. “This event could help me and point me in the right direction a little further. It also offers an opportunity to broaden the horizons for those who do not know exactly what kind of field they want to study or what they would like to do in life,” he said. Matúš found the lecture on how we measure success quite interesting, and he was also impressed by the university’s main building.

Viktória, Lucia, and Matúš from Malacky also visited the main building of the university on Šafárik Square. “We are here for the second time. We came mainly because last time we didn't get to attend all the lectures we were interested in. This event showed us that studying at Comenius University could be a good choice for us,” they said. They found the lecture on whether Generation Z is a lost generation or the generation of the future to be particularly interesting.

This event, which was held for the fourth time, was attended by young people from Bratislava and the wider region and took place from 20 to 28 May 2019.

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