Self-study: This is not a holiday

Classes have been suspended for two weeks, and maybe some people were delighted that they would not have to rush to lectures in the crowded buses from the dormitories. Some media incorrectly labelled this break in classes as a "holiday". But there is no holiday taking place. Although the lecture halls and classrooms have been emptied, teachers are providing students with tuition in other interesting ways.

12. 03. 2020 11.26 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

At the Faculty of Medicine, students are receiving tuition in the form of webinars. This means that online learning is taking place remotely. As the students are currently unable to attend their practical training, online broadcasts of operations and video calls are being made available to every student through Office 365.

Teachers at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences have come up with an interesting task for students of psychology, who will follow various articles on health in magazines, newspapers, and other media over the next two weeks and choose three untrustworthy stories. They will then present why these stories are untrustworthy and what sort of impact they can have on the audience.

The same faculty's Applied Economics study programme uses Moodle (a software package for creating educational systems and electronic courses) and provide students with tuition through Skype calls.

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics is no newcomer to "alternative" forms of teaching. With its lectures available on YouTube, it is even known beyond student circles. Certainly, influencers who are just starting out could take a leaf out of the faculty's book.

Both teachers and students are trying to adapt to the temporary suspension of classes in the most effective manner. And surely together we will manage this situation well.

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<output>zamestnancov počas prerušenia prezenčnej výučby 9. – 21. 3.</output>

<output>zamestnancov počas prerušenia prezenčnej výučby 9. – 21. 3.</output>