Comenius University welcomes 422 Internaional Students

There are 422 international students coming to Slovakia to study under the Erasmus + programme, bilateral agreements, government scholarships, and as “free movers”. During Welcome Week, which begins on 16 September 2019, they will experience a boat trip, an interesting tour of the university and the city, various social events, and much more. Up to 152 international students will stay at Comenius University for the whole 2019/2020 academic year.

18. 09. 2019 10.46 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

In addition to extra activities during their first week in Slovakia, students will attend an intensive Slovak language course and learn interesting facts while also learning how to navigate the faculties they will be studying and their dormitories.

Students from Spain (130), Italy (76), Portugal (54), and France (36) dominate the composition of incoming students. However, there are also students from places such as Japan, Turkey, and Germany. Most international students will be studying at the Faculty of Management (185) and at the Faculty of Medicine (46).

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