Bratislava, October 15 2020: Comenius University in Bratislava shifted to on-line teaching on October 5 2020, and suggested students to leave its dormitories for the rest of this semester. Those who left will be given 100% discount from the accommodation fees for November and December. Nevertheless, University decided to keep the dormitories open due to some students who are in social or family difficulties and have nowhere else to go, and due to graduating students who are currently undergoing compulsory internships (for instance the students of medicine). 350 accommodated students remained at Druzba dormitory, and 1200 at Mlyny.

15. 10. 2020 17.47 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

Following the incidents on the Wednesday night, the management of the dormitories had to proceed with the introduction of extraordinary checks in order to maintain the safe operation of the largest Slovak dormitories.

Several international students, mostly from Spain, have been placed in dorm isolation rooms over the past week due to confirmed COVID-19 disease. Some of them repeatedly ignored quarantine rules and held a party in two rooms for 11 others. Some of the participants were tested positive for COVID-19, while others had not yet had the disease confirmed. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the dormitories called a police patrol and contacted the Regional Public Health Authority. The situation is also being handled by the university management.

Today, the Regional Public Health Authority will decide on quarantine for all those who attended yesterday's gathering. At the end of the ordered quarantine, the management of the dormitories immediately exclude all 13 persons from the dormitories and propose a disciplinary action at the faculties where these students study. We will also inform the Students' home universities and diplomatic representative offices will also be informed about the incident. In view of the circumstances, the Regional Public Health Authority in Bratislava will refer the proceedings against these persons to the relevant police forces for further investigation. Both CU management and dormitory management are appalled by the irresponsible actions of these students, who are putting the health of others students and dormitory staff at risk. Extra checks will be multiplied across dormitories to ensure compliance with boarding rules and the protection of the health and lives of those accommodated.

Strict anti-epidemic and security rules continue to apply at the dormitories, including a total ban on visits between rooms and respecting the silent night hours. Most of the guests are aware of the seriousness of the situation and behave responsibly. The management of Comenius University reiterates its call on all students who remain at the dormitories to comply with the dormitory rules, regulations of state authorities and PHA of SR. We underline that we will continue with an uncompromising approach.