Academic cooperation with the United Kingdom after the Brexit transition period

The Brexit transition period expired at the end of last year. UK’s withdrawal from the EU will affect academic mobility and research collaboration programmes. Read on to learn how cooperation with the UK will continue after 1 January, 2021.

28. 01. 2021 10.53 hod.
By: External Relations Office CU

Horizon Europe

The UK acceded to the new Horizon Europe programme which aims to promote EU investments into science and innovation in the programming period 2021-2027. The programme includes the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the European Research Council (ERC) and other many other initiatives. Comenius University can therefore continue to participate in projects involving British universities and research institutions.


The Erasmus programme will continue as before on both sides of the Channel until the current projects run out (for most universities, this is September 2021). The UK decided to opt out of the new Erasmus programme scheduled for 2021-2027 which will therefore not cover the travel of CU students and staff to the UK or the mobility of UK students to CU.

The Turing scheme

United Kingdom is developing its own student mobility programme it named the Turing scheme. Details of the new programme and the opportunities for cooperation between Comenius University and British universities under the new programme will be published soon.

Visa: not required to study in the UK for up to 6 months, but you will need visa for a longer study stay, for work or other specific situations. Visa information can be found at