Comenius university among world's top universities

Bratislava March 24 2016: Comenius University affirms its prestigious rank in the fields of education and research. As the only university from Slovakia, CU ranks among top 500 in the worldwide in University Ranking by Academic Performance and among top 700 in QS World University Rankings.

In the University Ranking by Academic Performance Comenius University ranked 494th - getting into the top 500 as the only one from Slovakia. Other slovak universities ranked beyond the 1000 milestone. 

Topping the URAP were Harvard University (1st), University of Toronto (2nd) and University of Oxford (3rd).

URAP World Ranking is based on 6 academic performance indicators. Since URAP is an academic performance based ranking, publications constitute the basis of the ranking methodology. Both quality and quantity of publications and international research collaboration performance are used as indicators.

Again as the only slovak university, Comenius University ranked among the top 700 in QS World University Rankings - achieving 651st-700th position repeatedly. Topping the ladder were Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1st), Harvard University (2nd) and University of Cambridge (3rd).
The primary aim of the QS WUR is to help students make informed comparisons of leading universities around the world. Based on six performance indicators, the rankings are designed to assess universities in four areas: research, teaching, employability and internationalization.

„These prestigious positions of Comenius University in world-wide scope presents further challenge for us to improve. We know that we still have unfulfilled potential in quality of both education and research and we are far from feeling satisfied with ourselves. We appreciate the international competition. It is, however, important to weigh in national and international factors - mainly funding that we operate on compared to that of foreign universities that we are compared to in these and similar rankings." commented rector of CU prof. Karol Mičieta.