Online week with ENLIGHT

Comenius University has now been a part of the ENLIGHT alliance for 4 months. Together with eight other universities we are building a "European University", creating new models of education, research and developing joint study programmes.

17. 02. 2021 08.54 hod.
By: External Relations Office CU

At the ENLIGHT Kick-off week you will learn what ENLIGHT is, how it operates and what benefits and new opportunities it means for students, researchers and teachers. Join in the virtual kick-off week of the ENLIGHT “Superuniversity” which takes place in the first week of March (1 to 5 March) and choose a lecture, discussion or side event that interests you. Everything is free, you just have to register in advance.

During the ENLIGHT online week you can learn how 9 European universities work together and how they plan to address major societal challenges. Experts will speak about topics such as climate change, global engagement or equitability. At a virtual round table rectors of involved universities and external partners of the alliance will discuss community building and cooperation in their regions.

Associate Professor Andrej Findor from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University will speak about diversity, inclusion and equitability in higher education during his lecture.

You can also enjoy an interactive "pub quiz" about European universities, cities and culture, prepared by the students from the Student Network. The best teams will win great prizes. During virtual breaks, you can have coffee and ask about anything you are interested in.