Three scientists from Comenius University are among the finalists of the ESET Science Award

For the third year, ESET Foundation is giving recognition to outstanding personalities of Slovak science for their science, research and academic activity. Comenius University scientists have been nominated in each of the categories. This year, an international jury short-listed scientists from Comenius University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine.

27. 09. 2021 11.58 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

Katarína Mikušová from the Faculty of Natural Sciences is one of the finalists in the category Outstanding individual contributor to Slovak science. She researches tuberculosis, particularly the mycobacterial cell envelope which serves as a protective layer of Koch's bacillus.

Pavol Mikolka is the finalist in the category Exceptional young scientist in Slovakia under the age of 35. He works at the Centre for Biomedicine of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin. In his research he focuses on the pulmonary surfactant.

Jozef Záhumenský was nominated in the Outstanding Academic category. He is the manager of the 2nd. Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University.

For the second year in a row, the international jury which selects laureates in two main categories, is chaired by the Nobel prize holder, legendary astrophysicist and foremost expert on gravitational physics, Professor Kip Thorne. He will also personally attend the awards ceremony. Several other internationally recognized scientists are on the jury with him and together they will choose the final recipients of the awards.

The award winners will be announced at a gala night which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 16 October, and will be broadcast live by RTVS on the Dvojka channel at 8.30 pm. For more information, visit the ESET Science Award website.