Rector's Day Off for Students

The Rector of Comenius University, Marek Števček, is announcing a Rector's Day Off for all students of Comenius University on Monday, 21 February 2022.

16. 02. 2022 08.50 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The Rector of Comenius University expressed agreement with the proposal of CU’s Academic Senate of 9 February 2022, and decided to announce a Rector’s Day Off for all students of Comenius University on Monday 21 February 2022. As formulated in the resolution of the Academic Senate of Comenius University, the leave is intended to create an opportunity at the Faculties to discuss the current situation and the reasons which lead Comenius University to reject the proposed amendment of the Higher Education Act.

The Rector of Comenius University also calls on the self-government of Faculties to use this time to engage the students in a discussion about the future of university education in general, and the proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act in particular.