Five teachers receive awards for innovative teaching courses

Bratislava, 30 May 2023: On Friday, 26 May, five female teachers from four faculties of Comenius University Bratislava received the CU Teachers’ Academy Award for innovative courses in Supplementary Pedagogical Studies and Extended Study. These studies serve to increase or expand teachers’ qualification.

01. 06. 2023 10.57 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The nominees included 22 courses in Supplementary Pedagogical Studies and Extended Study taught at Comenius University. Five courses were short-listed for being examples of excellent practice and applying the principles of innovative pedagogy.

The CU Teachers' Academy Awards were presented to:

Klára Velmovská from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics for her courses ‘School Experiments in Physics 1 and 2’;

Monika Šajánková from the Faculty of Arts for her course ‘Teaching of the German language’;

Zuzana Puchovská from the Faculty of Arts for her course 'Teaching of the French language’;

Martina Luptáková from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport for her course ‘Pedagogical Communication’;

Henrieta Mázorová from the Faculty of Natural Sciences for her course ‘Teaching of geography using digital technologies’.

"The courses were evaluated on seven criteria including: student orientation; interconnecting teaching practice and theory according to the specific needs of the students; inclusion of new methods that students can implement in their pedagogical practice; and use of feedback and self-evaluation," explained Gabriela Pleschová, jury chair from the Centre for Pedagogical Support of the Faculty of Arts.

According to Lenka Sokolová from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, who is the lead researcher of this development project, teaching in this type of study is specific and often receives less attention compared to regular university studies. "Good teachers innovate their own teaching, and it is important to inspire each other and learn from each other. This award is intended to give a distinction to those who teach creatively and are willing to share their pedagogical experience with their colleagues," Associate Professor Sokolová explains the origins of the CU Teachers' Academy Award.

Supplementary Pedagogical Studies and Extended Study are offered at several faculties of Comenius University and are intended for practicing teachers who want to enhance their pedagogic qualification or expand the number of subjects they teach.