Bratislava, 2 May 2019: Comenius University’s executive body sees modernizing the student dormitories as a priority. However, after identifying problems in the project documentation, the university's new management has decided to abandon preparations for the awarding of a public tender contract for the renovation of the dormitories. In the near future, the university will announce a public tender for the preparation of new project documentation.

17. 05. 2019 10.30 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

The renovation of Elevated Block B at the university's Ľudovít Štúr Campus - Mlyny was supposed to start in the summer of 2019 after the students had moved out. In an effort at transparency and efficiently managing public funds, the new leadership at Comenius University carried out a preparatory market consultation, where both experts and the lay public could comment on the project documentation. After the first submissions, the university management opened negotiations with the representatives of the campus and the project documentation contractors. Up to then, the campus had been preparing the project documentation on its own, and that whole process had been running for about five years. The new management of the university reached the conclusion that there had not been enough coordination in working procedures between the campus and the contractor of the project documentation and that there was a risk of a considerable delay in the renovation process. In response to this information, the Comenius University rector Marek Števček decided to stop preparations for the announcement of a public tender for construction work on the dormitory and stated that soon the university would announce a public tender for the development of new project documentation.

“We want to be sure that the renovation of the dormitories will take place effectively, that resources will be spent efficiently, and that there will be no delay during the renovation. We do not want the renovation to be stretched out and our students to be without a roof over their heads for longer than necessary,” said Marek Števček, Comenius University rector. “We consider it important that the renovation be done transparently and without delay. This is why we would rather do it at a later time, but properly,” the rector said. The rector also dismissed Róbert Gula, who was the director of the campus, in relation to this matter.

In due time the university will inform the public about the new renovation date.