Dr. Sam Potolicchio visits Comenius University

During his visit (October 8-9, 2018) he gave a public lecture on U.S. politics and ran a workshop on leadership and communication for CU’s postgraduate and doctoral students.

11. 10. 2018 11.16 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

Dr. Potolicchio’s public lecture on the future of U.S. global leadership was held on Monday, October 8, in the building of the Faculty of Arts. The following day was dedicated to a workshop he ran for postgraduates (mainly of social sciences) on the topic of persuasion, leadership and public communication. It took place in one of the conference rooms at the CU Rectorate.

Currently serving as a Director of Global and Custom Education at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University, Dr. Sam Potolicchio was previously named one of “America’s Best Professors” by Princeton Review, the only one in his field. Association of Colleges and Universities considers him to be a Future Leader of American Higher Education. Potolicchio has delivered lectures at over 50 universities (Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, Bologna, Sorbonne, Brown, Dartmouth, Warwick and others). He is also a Department Chairman and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Moscow, Russia) and the President of Preparing Global Leaders Forum, program focused on training young leaders and professionals from over 100 countries.

Sam Potolicchio holds B.A. (government) from Georgetown, B.A. (psychology) from Georgetown, M.T.S. (theology and culture) from Harvard, PRSE from Harvard, MA (government) from Georgetown and a PhD (government) from Georgetown.

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