A Lecture by Professor Philipp Kukura from the University of Oxford

3 May 2019 (Friday), 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, the lecture hall at the Comenius University Science Park, 8 Ilkovičova Street, Bratislava

24. 04. 2019 13.47 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

On 3 May 2019 there will be a lecture at the Comenius University Science Park by the world-renowned chemist Professor Philipp Kukura on the topic of “Weighing Single Molecules with Light”. The lecture is being organized by the Learned Society of Slovakia and the Comenius University Science Park. Professor Kukura will talk about a globally significant scientific finding. The lecture is ideal for physicists, chemists, biologists, scientific workers, and students. The lecture is also suitable for the broader scientific community.

Professor Kukura is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has received many prestigious awards, the latest one being the Klung-Wilhelmy Science Award for research findings in the visualization of biomolecules. Of the thirty-five scientists awarded this prize in Germany in physics and chemistry, five later went on to win a Nobel Prize.

More information can be found here.