Comenius University signs a training contract with Bory Hospital

Bratislava, 30 October, 2023: Students of CU’s Faculty of Medicine will complete a part of their practical training at the new Bory Hospital. The deal will allow them to train in the most modern medical facility in Slovakia. The contracts which cover undergraduate training and specialisation training were signed today by CU Rector Marek Števček, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Juraj Payer, Bory Hospital CEO Ľuboš Lopatka, and Bory Hospital board member Róbert Hill.

08. 11. 2023 13.24 hod.
By: Oddelenie pre vonkajšie vzťahy

This cooperation with the Bory Hospital is intended to give students of medicine an opportunity to train in the most modern hospital in Slovakia, to try out new technologies and experience the provision of health care on a level different from any other hospital in Slovakia. "We want to make sure that our students learn what medicine should look like in the 21st century," said Juraj Payer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University.

From the academic year 2023/2024, students will complete their undergraduate education and specialisation training at eight departments of the Bory Hospital. These departments include nuclear medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, neurosurgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, urology, haematology and transfusiology, and otorhinolaryngology. During the first phase student training will primarily be the responsibility of doctors who previously worked at the Bratislava University Hospital (UNB) and had contracts with the Faculty of Medicine. There is, however, mutual interest in expanding the training capacity as additional departments are brought into operation at Bory Hospital. At the same time, cooperation with the Bory Hospital will relieve some pressure on UNB's clinical departments which are overburdened with demand.

According to Bory Hospital CEO Ľuboš Lopatka, the hospital greatly values this cooperation with the university and considers the signing of the training contract to be a milestone in its operation: "The hospital will make everything to make sure we don't let you down."

"I am very pleased that these contracts were signed and I am thankful to everyone who contributed. I see this as an immense opportunity and the beginning of a new era of cooperation," said CU Rector Marek Števček.