University to Delight Lovers of Classical Music

Bratislava, 6 June 2023: A new concert grand piano of the renowned manufacturer Fazioli found its new home in the Moyzes Hall at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University. It is part of an effort to reopen Moyzes Hall to art lovers and make it a place where top-quality recordings of classical music can be made.

07. 06. 2023 08.33 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The Fazioli F308 concert grand piano acquired by Moyzes Hall is the top model of the Fazioli range of concert grands. It is three meters long and has immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness. Its placement in the historic Moyzes Hall represents a marriage that already entices musicians, ensembles, promoters and organizers of music festivals from near and far.

"The Faculty of Arts of Comenius University has long been striving to return Moyzes Hall to the map of prestigious cultural venues in Bratislava and Central Europe. For reason we acquired a unique Fazioli concert grand piano, which was delivered to Moyzes Hall this April," said the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Marián Zouhar. The faculty will use the revenues from its commercial activities to pay for the piano. The same type of grand piano was also loaned to the La Scala opera house in Milan.

The new acquisition comes from the workshops of the legendary manufacturer Fazioli which successfully competes with the producers of the best and most expensive concert pianos. The company was founded in 1981 by engineer a musician Paolo Fazioli and his pianos quickly created a class of their own. Their success rests on uncompromised quality, perfectionism, first-rate materials and a rejection of the concept of industrial production.

The marriage of the piano to the Moyzes Hall at Vajanského nábrežie 12 in Bratislava is not accidental. The Hall is a unique cultural venue steeped in history. Symphonic concerts were held here since the 1920’s. After World War II, concert series of the Slovak Philharmonic orchestra and the Bratislava Music Festival took place there. After 1989, the Hall was returned to Comenius University. The tradition of regular concerts, however, was discontinued in the 1990’s because the Hall lost its concert piano, which had to be returned to the Slovak Philharmonic.

The unique instrument will be commissioned in Moyzes Hall at a celebratory concert on Wednesday, 7 June 2023, during a performance of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet of M. V. Lysenko, with pianist Eva Varhaníková. Luca Fazioli, the son of the brand's founder and the company's sales director, promised to appear at the event. The concert takes place in cooperation with the Mypiano company, which is the exclusive representative of Fazioli in Slovakia. The event is for invitees only.