State of Emergency and Curfew at CU: Current Measures

Bratislava, 25 November 2021: Today, the government declared a state of emergency in Slovakia, including a curfew. One of the exceptions to the curfew is commuting to and from school. From Monday, 29 November 2021, teaching at most faculties of Comenius University will be remote. Some graduation years and students who need to work in laboratories may receive an exemption. The rules applicable at dormitories remain unchanged. Most employees will work from home.

26. 11. 2021 10.45 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

"Experts and scientists agree that in this situation, reducing mobility is key. Several faculties of Comenius University have been teaching remotely since the beginning of the academic year and more have joined their ranks as the epidemic situation deteriorated," said Comenius University Rector Marek Števček. "At the beginning of the academic year, we announced that the mode of teaching might change several times in the course of this academic year. We are trying to respond flexibly to the current situation while placing the greatest emphasis on responsibility. The health of our students and staff is our priority," added the Rector.

From Monday, teaching at Comenius University will be remote for most students of Bachelor’s, Master’s and combined degrees. At the request of faculty Deans the Rector of Comenius University may grant an exception and allow on-site teaching of students in graduation years or in study programmes whose completion requires their presence in laboratories or for practical exercises (particularly students of medicine).

The rules applicable at Comenius University dormitories remain unchanged and only guests who are Vaccinated, Tested or Recovered will be allowed to enter.

Employees must work from home if the nature of their occupation allows it, except those who support essential operations.

These measures at Comenius University are included in the Order of the Rector of Comenius University no. 17/2021.

Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic